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Datrium DVX 3.0

By Garry Kranz 11 Feb 2018

Datrium impresses judges and wins top honors with its DVX storage architecture, designed to sidestep latency and deliver performance and speed at scale. Read More

IoFabric Vicinity 3.0

By Rodney Brown 11 Feb 2018

Vicinity 3.0 from IoFabric uses artificial intelligence to cut storage costs and also creates a seamless, live instance of data between on-premises sites and the cloud. Read More

Infinidat InfiniBox 3.0

By Garry Kranz 11 Feb 2018

InfiniBox 3.0 stores data on disk, deploying a small amount of flash as an acceleration tier. Its caching algorithm ensures the hottest data is on the fastest storage media. Read More

Aqua Security 3.0 architecture supports AWS Fargate

By Beth Pariseau 09 Mar 2018

Aqua Security's MicroEnforcer deployed without a sidecar container supports containers on public cloud services such as AWS Fargate and Azure Container Instances. Read More

Check out Samsung Knox 3.0, Knox 3.1, and the new DeX dock

By Jack Madden 25 Feb 2018

Knox 3.0 brings a new architecture, unifying Knox and Android enterprise MDM APIs. Read More

Apache Hadoop 3.0 goes GA, adds hooks for cloud and GPUs

By Jack Vaughan 03 Jan 2018

Is this the post-Hadoop era? Not in the eyes of Hadoop 3.0 backers, who see the latest update to the big data framework succeeding in machine learning applications and cloud systems. Read More

Data Dynamics StorageX 8.0 adds analysis, S3 support

By Carol Sliwa 05 Oct 2017

Data Dynamics beefs up StorageX file management software with new single-view analysis portal and support for Amazon S3 API-compliant object storage. Read More

How should I get started with SAP Screen Personas 3.0?

By Jawad Akhtar 22 Nov 2016

SAP Screen Personas obviates the need to remember transaction codes or navigate complex SAP menu paths. Here's how Personas enables business users to create a better UI experience. Read More

Win-Raid Offers Updated USB 3.0/3.1 Win10 Drivers

By Ed Tittel 16 Dec 2016

By default Microsoft supplies generic USB drivers in Win10. German website Win-Raid offers updated USB 3.0/3.1 Win10 drivers to replace them. Read More

VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.0 could sway admins on the fence

By Brian Kirsch 13 Oct 2016

While scalability and performance have been improved in VIO 3.0, many of the new features are geared for the administrator and the end user. Read More