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Getting up to speed with 5G

06 Mar 2018

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at what needs to be done to make next-generation 5G mobile networks a reality. Fewer EU workers are moving to the UK due to Brexit fears – we examine what that means for the ... Read More

IBM Think 5 in 5: TED-style opener, five ‘paradigms to watch’

By Adrian Bridgwater 20 Mar 2018

Director at IBM Research Arvind Krishna opened IBM’s Think 2018 conference in Las Vegas this week by introducing the firm’s ‘5 in 5’ presentation. Delivered as an almost TED Talk style opener, this ... Read More

Veeam Availability Suite 9.5

By Paul Crocetti 11 Feb 2018

Following podium finishes the last two years, Veeam again wins over judges with its Availability Suite. The 9.5 edition added physical support, integrations and Office 365 backup. Read More

Ofcom opens 5G spectrum auction

By Alex Scroxton 20 Mar 2018

Ofcom has opened the bidding in the auction of spectrum to support 4G and 5G mobile networks Read More

Ofcom sets out 5G spectrum auction process

By Alex Scroxton 16 Mar 2018

Regulator has given details of the two-stage 5G mobile network spectrum auction process that will begin next week Read More

Government reveals winners of 5G mobile competition

By Alex Scroxton 09 Mar 2018

The government has unveiled the winners of a multimillion-pound competition to create 5G mobile network testbeds around the UK Read More

Equifax ups breach figure by a further 2.5 million

By Warwick Ashford 02 Mar 2018

Credit rating agency Equifax has increased the number of US records believed to have been compromised in 2017 Read More

5G mobile network rocks up in Brighton

By Alex Scroxton 22 Feb 2018

Digital Catapult and the Coast to Capital LEP will switch on a 5G mobile network test bed in Brighton in April 2018 Read More

The future of 5G mobile networks: support and development

By Alex Scroxton 20 Feb 2018

In the second part of our exploration of the 5G market, we find out how UK plc is innovating around 5G mobile networks, and ask what lies in store at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Read More

Enterprises won't reap benefits of 5G until 2020s

By Jonathan Dame 13 Feb 2018

The first commercial 5G deployments are scheduled for later this year. One report's 5G timeline predicts many enterprises won't reap the benefits of 5G until the mid-2020s. Read More