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Definition8-track tape

An 8-track tape is a hard plastic cartridge about the size of an external modem that houses a continuous...Read More

How tape backup systems improve data protection

By Paul Crocetti 29 Aug 2019

Have you analyzed your data protection lately? Tape backup could be a savior if you get hit with a ransomware attack or other malware. Learn more about five tape-related terms. Read More

Data volumes set to hit 175ZB with a tectonic shift to the cloud

By Antony Adshead 27 Nov 2018

There will be more data in the public cloud than enterprise datacentres or consumer devices by 2025 as data shifts location, according to a study by IDC and Seagate Read More

Legacy storage vendors gain in cloud era, IDC says

By Dave Raffo 13 Dec 2018

External storage systems are all-but-obsolete in the software-defined era.  At least that’s the fable shared repeatedly across the industry. But cloud and enterprise customers are collaborating to ... Read More

Veritas aims to boost NetBackup with simplified UI and setup

By Antony Adshead 21 Aug 2018

Two decades-old enterprise product upgraded with backups that can be set in three clicks, down from 30, plus instant VM workload recovery and capacity monitoring and planning Read More

Michael Gregg

Superior Solutions, Inc.

Michael Gregg of The Solution Firm has extensive experience securing networks. You can confidentially ask him your corporate network security questions here.Read More

Interfacing with an information technology entrepreneur

By Marcus J. Ranum 01 Aug 2017

E. Kelly Fitzsimmons started with coconuts and then sold four companies. A serial entrepreneur discusses security and technology startups and why embracing failure works. Read More

What are the key System Center DPM 2016 features?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 19 Dec 2017

System Center Data Protection Manager 2016 defends a range of systems with the ability to send backups to multiple targets for enterprises that need ways to recover data rapidly. Read More

Cancer researcher gets Nodeum LTFS tape NAS

By Antony Adshead 24 Apr 2017

Belgium-based OncoDNA replaces IBM tape library with flash-powered Nodeum LTFS to provide file access to backup and archive tapes at approaching nearline timescales Read More

Spectra Logic Black Pearl object storage + SMR disk + tape = Arctic Blue

By Antony Adshead 07 Dec 2015

When Spectra Logic launched its DPE archive-class NAS in September it was a play at a space often targeted now by object storage products. So, I asked whether Spectra Logic had considered object ... Read More

Peering into the future of enterprise storage for 2018

By Rich Castagna 05 Dec 2017

Rich Castagna takes a crack at the annual rite of prognostication with a bold look -- unfettered by truth, reality and sanity -- at data storage trends in the coming year. Read More