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Business AI needs to focus on psychology, not technology

By Bryan Betts 17 Jan 2020

There's no doubt now that AI works, and it can work very well indeed – as a technology, at least. And as one of our recent research projects reported, AI-based machine learning (ML) is increasingly ... Read More

State of HR AI technology likened to early days of flight

By David Essex 31 Dec 2019

AI became ubiquitous in the past year, but vendors and users are still figuring out how best to apply it to HR processes. The AI of tomorrow will probably look quite different. Read More

How client VPN technologies will evolve with AI and automation

By Andrew Froehlich 03 Sep 2019

With help from artificial intelligence and automation, client VPN technologies could innovate the way they handle data flows within hybrid cloud environments. Read More

SnapLogic boosts its data integration technology with AI

By Sean Michael Kerner 21 Aug 2019

SnapLogic's latest update for its Intelligent Integration Platform aims to make it easier for users to benefit from data integration. Read More

CW500: How AI will transform technology leadership

By Angelica Mari 22 Jul 2019

Addressing issues around data and defining strategies that will attract top talent are among the key challenges discussed at the Computer Weekly CW500 Club Read More

The future of AI technology: 2019 and beyond

By Mark Labbe 20 Dec 2018

Enterprise AI trends in 2019 will likely include more AI-powered tools for healthcare and fintech, as well as accelerating consolidation among smaller AI vendors. Read More

How healthcare AI technology can improve patient outcomes

By Tayla Holman 20 Mar 2019

There are seemingly endless possibilities for AI in healthcare, whether it's as a set of second eyes for radiologists or as a tool to improve patient engagement. Read More

The rising use of AI in the energy sector

By Kathleen Walch 20 Jan 2020

The energy industry has begun to ramp up the adoption of AI with the usage of smart grids among other technologies and has seen the benefits of the technology. Read More

A year of AI events points to AI predictions for 2020

By Ronald Schmelzer 10 Dec 2019

A thoughtful reflection on the most important AI technology news of 2019 as well as a look to what 2020 may have in store for the world of AI. Read More

Can trusted data exchanges help grow ethical AI?

By Chiaren Cushing 13 Nov 2019

Organizations are developing AI technology rapidly, which makes it even more vital for IT pros to understand the ethics around AI and data security. Read More