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narrow AI (weak AI)

Narrow AI is an application of artificial intelligence technologies to enable a high-functioning system that replicates – and perhaps surpasses -- human intelligence for a dedicated purpose. Read Full Definition

AI governance

AI governance is the idea that there should be a legal framework for ensuring that machine learning (ML) technologies are well researched and developed with the goal of helping humanity navigate the adoption of AI ... Read Full Definition

Google AI

Google AI is the new name under which Google Research, the search giant’s artificial intelligence (AI) research and development branch, will continue for its AI applications. Read Full Definition

Amazon AI

Amazon AI is a set of artificial intelligence services that offer machine and deep learning technologies for Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers and users. Read Full Definition

AI democratization

AI democratization is the spread of artificial intelligence development to a wider user base that includes those without specialized knowledge of AI. Read Full Definition

AI accelerator

An AI accelerator is a microchip designed specifically to enable faster processing of artificial intelligence (AI) tasks. Read Full Definition

AI winter

AI winter is a quiet period for artificial intelligence research and development. In the past few years, AI has been on a long, strong upswing, but after several years of hype, advances and implementations, some ... Read Full Definition

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AI for Good

AI for Good is a public charity and UN platform that hosts annual summits in Geneva, Switzerland to discuss the beneficial use of artificial intelligence (AI). Read Full Definition

Asilomar AI Principles

Asilomar AI Principles are 23 main beliefs for guiding the research and development of artificial intelligence (AI). Read Full Definition

AI code of ethics

An AI code of ethics is a formalized specification guiding the human-generated design of intelligent AI agents and the autonomous behavior of those systems. Read Full Definition