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The Relationship Between IoT & AI

sponsored by Estafet Ltd Published: 22 Aug 2018 eGuide

The future of the digital world relies on how people and "things" will interact with each other. Download this expert guide to unveil the intimate relationship between IoT and AI for in-process hybrid transactional...

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AI: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

sponsored by Empow Cyber Security Published: 21 May 2017 Resource

AI technology is constantly evolving and progressing in "human" areas like strategic thinking, judgment and inference. So what are the security implications if AI technology falls into the wrong hands? Read on to ...

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Blended AI for Customer Experience

sponsored by Genesys Published: 31 Dec 2017 Resource

Using artificial intelligence (AI) for customer interactions doesn't mean you have to replace your customer agents. Learn some ways to use AI to augment what your agents already do.

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Making Sense of AI

sponsored by SAS Published: 19 Mar 2018 Resource

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a popular buzzword on the nightly news – but how can you apply it to your business? Use this resource to discover the boundaries of AI as well as the limitations.

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Elinar Oy Ltd Enhances their ECM with AI

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 Dec 2017 Case Study

Find out how Elinar Oy Ltd harnessed AI to tackle huge amounts of unstructured data and streamline otherwise manual ECM processes. Plus, find out how they adopted an IBM infrastructure to support their AI-intensive...

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How to: AI in the Cloud

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 30 Jul 2018 Resource

In the near future, AI will be incorporated into nearly all application development. Major cloud providers have taken notice, adding dozens of cloud AI tools in the past year. In this guide, learn about some ...

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IBM PowerAI Enterprise

sponsored by IBM Published: 31 Jul 2018 White Paper

Discover IBM PowerAI, which brings together some of the most popular open source frameworks for deep learning with the addition of other data science and productivity enhancement tools. Download to discover an ...

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AI in Healthcare: Defining the Roadmap

sponsored by Pure Storage Published: 17 Sep 2018 Resource

AI is rewiring the way doctors predict, diagnose and treat disease, how exams are carried out and how health systems are run. The goal is generating more precise diagnoses and treatment strategies using ...

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The Great AI Divide

sponsored by LivePerson Published: 22 Aug 2018 Resource

How do people feel about the technological influences that are shaping the world of tomorrow? Download this resource to discover Americans' perceptions on AI and technology – hopes, fears, gender biases and more.

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What the Feds Think About AI and Cybersecurity

sponsored by IBM Published: 17 Sep 2018 Resource

AI has a clear value for cybersecurity, but why does the government fear its use? Download this resource and explore the government's opinions of AI and cybersecruity.

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