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Fancy a bit of CausalNex?

By Adrian Bridgwater 28 Jan 2020

Advanced analytics company QuantumBlack has released its racily-named CausalNex software product. This is the company’s second open source software development following its previous  launch of ... Read More

Overcoming the hype with advanced network analytics software

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 27 Feb 2018

Bloggers explore the capabilities of network analytics software, assess the coming impact of GDPR regulations and look into the use of Ethernet VPN with an MPLS data plane in data centers. Read More

Donald Farmer

TreeHive Strategy

Contributor Donald Farmer is the principal of TreeHive Strategy. He advises software vendors and investors on data and advanced analytics strategy.Read More

CIOs ill-prepared for IT changes to enable digital business transformation

By Cliff Saran 02 Mar 2018

Lack of skills, an inability to make the most of advanced analytics internally and slow software development are hampering digitisation efforts Read More

Difficulties in hiring data scientists can waylay analytics efforts

By Craig Stedman 09 Dec 2016

Advanced analytics software provides a lot of functionality, but finding skilled data scientists who can use the available tools effectively is a challenge for many analytics managers. Read More

Orlando Magic scores big with advanced analytics software

By Mark Brunelli 22 Dec 2010

The Orlando Magic basketball team is proving that advanced analytics software is becoming a real game changer for the sports business. Read More

Monetizing IoT: Approaches to tie it together

By Cris Wendt 28 Jan 2020

There are many possibilities for monetizing an IoT solution. You must determine how to maneuver the three monetization levers and consider how your approach might change for different layers of the ... Read More

Self-service BI and analytics tools face evolving set of challenges

By Ed Burns 28 Mar 2017

Self-service BI tools have become the go-to standard for business intelligence software, but users are pushing vendors to rethink how they address enterprise needs and advanced analytics. Read More

How to improve data governance for self-service analytics

By Ericka Chickowski 26 Dec 2019

Citizen data scientists and self-service analytics are on the rise as the data scientist shortage continues. Here are some data management best practices to support them. Read More

Innovation inspires user loyalty to MicroStrategy analytics suite

By Eric Avidon 06 Feb 2020

As some longtime vendors struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation, customers stay loyal to longtime vendor MicroStrategy and its continually evolving platform. Read More