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Lakeside SysTrack 9 asks the question: How is automation changing your helpdesk?

09 Jul 2019

Lakeside is building on their analytics and AI strategy with more reactive and proactive monitoring and healing capabilities in Lakeside SysTrack 9, which is new and GA today. Read More

Choose the right UEM platform with this in-depth roundup

30 Aug 2019

UEM tools are essential to oversee the many endpoints that reside in companies today. Read this comprehensive roundup to learn more about the leading products on the market. Read More

Why it makes sense to use a third party to keep the IT lights on

10 Sep 2019

Keeping operational systems running is a full-time job, but as systems get older, they end up being out of support Read More

More AI in retail stores means more personalization

05 Feb 2019

Cheaper and more easily accessible AI developer tools are part of the reason why traditional retailers are better at marketing personalized experiences to customers. Read More

Analytics trends we'll see in 2019

08 Jan 2019

BI and analytics software looks to evolve further in 2019, as tools will keep getting easier to use and more AI-powered technologies will augment user experiences. Read More

Tableau-VoiceBase deal brings speech analytics data to users

19 Mar 2019

Tableau's partnership with AI speech analytics vendor VoiceBase enables users both inside and outside of the contact center to easily derive insights from speech analytics data. Read More

How DataOps helps organisations make better decisions

15 Apr 2019

DataOps is helping organisations to accelerate the time it takes to derive value from the data they collect Read More

Nationwide uses natural language processing to discover what annoys customers

12 Mar 2019

SAS has run a proof of concept at building society Nationwide, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to determine how to improve customer correspondence Read More

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services enhances banking CX

08 May 2019

Salesforce's new analytics tools for financial services follow AI advancements from IBM Watson and Acquia upgrading customer experiences in retail banking and wealth management. Read More

Healthcare in 2019: Forrester tags virtual care as trend to watch

20 Dec 2018

Virtual care, AI and widespread adoption of the FHIR standard will be major trends in healthcare next year, according to Forrester. Read More