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Data science platforms boost automation, collaboration

27 Mar 2019

Data scientists can choose from a growing list of commercial and open source platforms that ease data access, analytics, model building and management in a collaborative way. Read More

CIO interview: Merck Healthcare’s Alessandro da Luca on supply chain automation era

16 Jan 2020

The CIO of Merck Healthcare, Alessandro da Luca, talks about how his organisation has automated its supply chain using machine learning software from Aera Read More

$1 billion SAS AI investment recharges vendor's mission

02 Apr 2019

SAS' new AI initiative includes a $1 billion investment and partnership with AI chip vendor Nvidia. The goal is to bring advanced AI tech to end users. Read More

SAS Viya cloud software at center of SAS analytics strategy

03 May 2019

The spotlight at SAS Global Forum 2019 was on the vendor's Viya analytics tools, which are getting new functionality and licensing options meant to spur deployments. Read More

Network traffic analysis tools secure a new, crucial role

20 Aug 2019

Gartner just produced its first-ever guide to network traffic analytics security tools. Learn how the analysis of network traffic is broadening to include network security. Read More

What are the steps I should take for network transformation?

16 Aug 2019

The path to digital transformation has three points that all organizations should reach to ensure their network is ready for digital transformation. Read More

Can next-gen SIEM help cybersecurity initiatives?

16 Sep 2019

More organizations are using SIEM, AI and cloud technology to minimize security breaches. Though despite interest, this combination is still in its infancy. Read More

SAS Platform update expands AI in Viya cloud analytics tools

30 Apr 2019

A new version of the SAS analytics platform adds a variety of AI features to SAS Viya, the cloud-based software that SAS hopes will secure its place in the AI future. Read More

What AWS testing tools and services are available?

14 Oct 2019

There are many tools available on the AWS Marketplace for QA testing, making it difficult to determine where to begin. What should an enterprise look for when choosing among QA tools? Read More

Top 5 reasons to do an EMR replacement

26 Sep 2019

Switching EMR systems is no picnic. But what if your provider gets acquired, or your small practice starts to grow beyond the EMR's functionality? Read More