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Identify the best RPA tools using these points of consideration

05 Jun 2019

A successful RPA implementation depends on selecting the proper tool. Learn about the different capabilities and other points of consideration when looking at the options. Read More

4 essential composable infrastructure questions answered

28 Mar 2019

Learn how composable IT works, and find out when this highly flexible, programmable infrastructure model makes sense for your servers, network, and storage and when it doesn't. Read More

AI as a service democratizes benefits of new tech tools

05 Mar 2019

The emergence of AI-as-a-service tools is helping more enterprises access the benefits of AI, not just the leading-edge tech companies that pioneered the technology. Read More

Applications of autonomous robots lead in the enterprise

07 Jun 2019

In enterprise AI, bot technology is leading the charge. Seamless integration and process streamlining are initial benefits, but the true profit lies in what comes next -- auto-AI. Read More

ThoughtSpot SearchIQ enables voice analytics

15 Nov 2018

Part of the ThoughtSpot 5 update, which adds a number of upgrades to the BI platform, SearchIQ allows users to take advantage of conversational analytics. Read More

Enterprise HPC: Why HPE is buying Cray

05 Jun 2019

HPE’s decision to acquire supercomputing pioneer Cray for $1.3bn serves to highlight the growing importance of high-performance computing (HPC) deployments in the enterprise market Read More

Winners of Makers’ Women in Software Powerlist announced

08 May 2019

Software development academy Makers has announced the winners of its first annual list of women in the software development world Read More

Maxta aims to bring AI to HCI with MxIQ

06 Nov 2018

Maxta is bringing predictive analytics into hyper-convergence. Maxta Hyperconvergence software runs on x86 hardware using VMware or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisors to create ... Read More

DataScience.com set to drive Oracle cloud analytics efforts

13 Nov 2018

Oracle's cloud strategy includes machine learning jobs that differ from the usual SQL analytics. The company is turning to its DataScience.com purchase to fill the gap. Read More

Universities use data analytics to tackle student mental health

09 Jul 2019

UK universities turn to data analytics software to tackle student mental health. Are there duty of care lessons for other sectors? Read More