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Navigate the data integration product buying process

09 Apr 2019

Companies require a data integration product to help manage the constant influx of data. This buyer's guide walks through all the cases to consider before buying one. Read More

What are the biggest problems IoT data scientists face?

08 Aug 2019

With technology evolving rapidly and IoT growing exponentially, IoT data scientists continue to face challenges. Quickpath's Alex Fly discusses ways for data scientists to face these issues and ... Read More

A guide for smart supply chain visibility

13 Sep 2019

Organizations can make better purchasing decisions and prepare for potential crises by improving the line of sight for supply chains with IoT telematics and infrastructure. Read More

Veritas acquires Aptare for storage analytics

06 Mar 2019

Veritas acquired storage monitoring software vendor Aptare on the advice of common customers and will integrate its features in NetBackup and other data protection applications. Read More

Verint acquisition of ForeSee gives VOC software an upgrade

11 Feb 2019

By combining Verint and ForeSee, users can capture customer interactions through SMS and customer surveys, as well as through online traffic and digital channels. Read More

AIOps early adopters tackle data quality issues

12 Jun 2019

AIOps is new in many ways, but early adopters must also heed a time-honored IT maxim: garbage in, garbage out. Read More

Edge computing architecture takes on a partner ecosystem

03 Sep 2019

Experts believe edge computing will bring significant change to organizational IT infrastructure, but how? Read on to learn more about the rapid growing interest in the architecture. Read More

3 companies successfully monetizing IoT data

17 May 2019

While many companies use IoT to increase efficiencies and save money, some are revamping their business model and monetizing IoT data via subscription services and digital products. Read More

Predictive storage analytics can watch your storage for you

05 Nov 2018

Don't ask if your next storage array or software will have predictive analytics. Ask what those analytics can do for your specific systems and applications. Read More

CIOs must evaluate best use cases for AI in medical imaging

23 May 2019

Medical imaging is a mainstay in healthcare organizations, but traditionally stores and retrieve images. It can benefit from advancements enabled by AI, such as data mining. Read More