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Kaloom introduces real-time INT for data center visibility

18 Jun 2019

Kaloom's in-band network telemetry, FlowEye, intends to provide data center managers with a full view of a packet's real-time journey through a data center. Read More

Security Think Tank: Risk management must go beyond spreadsheets

15 Oct 2019

How can security professionals help their organisations move from traditional governance, risk and compliance to integrated risk management that integrates risk activities from across an organisation to enable ... Read More

Microsoft, Cisco usher in new era of video conferencing interoperability

19 Nov 2019

In this roundup of UC blogs, analysts discuss the future of video interoperability, Zoom's evolution in business communications and key announcements from Microsoft Ignite. Read More

Data modeling software tackles glut of new data sources

09 May 2019

Data modeling platforms are starting to incorporate features to automate data-handling processes, but IT must still address entity resolution, data normalization and governance. Read More

An introduction to today’s advanced data analytics technology options

21 May 2010

Get an overview of advanced data analytics software, including a discussion of the potential uses of analytic technology and advice on creating an advanced analytics strategy. Read More

Kasten backup aims for secure Kubernetes protection

26 Nov 2019

Container storage backup is an emerging trend. Kasten K10, which launched in 2017 and provides backup for Kubernetes, takes on security in its major 2.0 update. Read More

What's behind the Domo machine learning tool Did You Know

09 Aug 2019

Domo's Did You Know feature uses machine learning algorithms to automatically pull analytics information out of data sets for business users. Here's how it works. Read More

AWS data lake and data warehouse options for the cloud

14 Nov 2019

Get ready for data analytics in the cloud. Learn the best ways to handle your data on AWS. Distinguish between data lakes and data warehouse services on AWS and how they work. Read More

4 powerful digital transformation examples

28 Oct 2019

Four organizations succeeded in their digital transformation efforts. Here's a look at what goals they had, problems they faced and rewards they reaped. Read More

Top 10 incident response vendors for 2019

28 Jun 2019

Leading incident response services include a variety of specialized tools to help organizations plan and manage their overall cybersecurity posture. Read More