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Nadella sees Azure as the world’s computer

08 Oct 2019

The Microsoft CEO wants organisations to consider Azure as a distributed cloud for next-generation AI applications Read More

Network analytics tools take monitoring to the next level

11 Apr 2019

A network analytics platform augments traditional analytics with automation and AI to provide organizations with data that can help them pinpoint a specific problem. Read More

Big data network analytics: The next big thing

03 Apr 2018

Networking managers are trying to keep track of an ever-increasing number of moving pieces. To do so, they are turning to a new class of big data network analytics that applies machine learning and artificial ... Read More

Augmented analytics tools, NLP search, graph are trending

01 Mar 2019

Augmented analytics, NLP and graph analytics are changing the data and analytics market, according to Gartner -- enabling users to more easily get at and share data. Read More

9 ERP use cases to consider before buying an ERP system

15 Aug 2019

Choosing the right ERP system requires considering a dizzying array of factors from company size to business goals. To that end, here are nine use cases that can help simplify your research. Read More

Augmented BI tools speed insights with less manual labor

24 Apr 2019

Through AI, machine learning and NLP, augmented analytics reduces the manual labor of traditional BI work to more quickly and accurately locate and analyze relevant data. Read More

Domain-specific BI vendors gain foothold with expertise

30 Aug 2019

While leading BI vendors target large audiences with their analytics tools, many other companies target a single specialized industry and use their expertise to best serve users. Read More

IT pros contend with the future of continuous delivery

16 Aug 2019

Continuous delivery tools are poised to add comprehensive breadth and analytical depth, but whether most enterprises can assimilate them is another matter. Read More

Predictive analytics for storage: Benefits and product options

12 Apr 2019

The advantages of using predictive analytics in storage include less downtime and better resource utilization. It's no wonder more storage vendors are making it an option. Read More

How bellwether cybersecurity technologies predict success

06 Mar 2019

Bellwether cybersecurity technologies -- advanced endpoint security, behavioral threat analytics and a trio of cloud-based apps -- are used by successful cybersecurity teams. Find out why. Read More