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Universities use data analytics to tackle student mental health

09 Jul 2019

UK universities turn to data analytics software to tackle student mental health. Are there duty of care lessons for other sectors? Read More

Experts laud SAP Analytics Cloud but question market position

17 Oct 2018

The platform may be solid for predictive analytics, financial planning and other tasks of business analysts. But why use it instead of SAP BusinessObjects or a third-party BI tool? Read More

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure seeks a spot in the IaaS market

27 Jun 2019

Don't count out Oracle IaaS before knowing what it has to offer. Learn where Oracle Cloud Infrastructure excels and what to expect from this public cloud offering. Read More

Tools manage performance for big data cloud applications

04 Apr 2019

Tools such as Unravel and Pepperdata offer a way to measure performance of big data cloud applications, which may aid companies with on-premises configuration issues. Read More

Zero-trust security model means more than freedom from doubt

04 Jun 2019

A zero-trust security model has a catchy name, but the methodology means more than not trusting any person or device on the network. What you need to know. Read More

AI regulation stirs as unrestricted AI booms in China

11 Feb 2019

Governments need to start regulating AI as the technology advances, experts say in part one of a three-part series on AI ethics issues around regulation, control and bias. Read More

How low-code governance helps IT protect data, limit sprawl

10 Apr 2019

Low-code app developers must adhere to policies that govern data and resource usage. Lacking governance puts budgets, security and compliance at risk. Read More

Data science teams use business ties to boost data knowledge

01 Oct 2018

To ensure that advanced analytics applications are relevant to business operations, data scientists are collaborating with workers who are experts on business data. Read More

How AI for IT operations improves VDI management

18 Oct 2018

Enterprise AI tools help IT pros improve VDI management by providing accurate estimates of resource requirements, root cause analysis of issues and more. Read More

UCaaS products for what every organization needs

07 Jun 2019

Check out these UCaaS products to help you make a final decision based on company overview, hardware options and technical support. Read More