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How AI for IT operations improves VDI management

18 Oct 2018

Enterprise AI tools help IT pros improve VDI management by providing accurate estimates of resource requirements, root cause analysis of issues and more. Read More

How to set up an Azure Kubernetes cluster using the UI

24 May 2019

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create and deploy a cluster in Azure Kubernetes Service and get your organization started with container-based applications. Read More

Using visualizations and analytics in media content

12 Sep 2018

By using the best mass media BI practices, from data visualization to measuring metrics, companies like Condé Nast and Comcast are attracting consumers and raising revenues. Read More

Latest Kubernetes monitoring, AIOps features trace DevOps trends

16 Jan 2019

It won't be long before Kubernetes and AIOps support are standard features among familiar DevOps monitoring tools, which will ease the learning curve for cloud-native infrastructure. Read More

Analytics an uneasy balance between data collection and privacy

28 Mar 2019

In the age of GDPR and privacy regulations, attention must be paid to user privacy. Data management tools that employ AI as part of analytics can help achieve that. Read More

3 ways to make machine learning in business more effective

18 Oct 2018

Dun & Bradstreet analytics exec Nipa Basu offers three tips on how to integrate machine learning tools into business processes to help drive better decision-making. Read More

The 3 pillars of SD-WAN QoS and questions to ask your providers

02 Apr 2019

Traffic shaping, path control and forward error correction are three core components of SD-WAN QoS. Here are some crucial questions to ask your vendors regarding those areas. Read More

Trifacta data prep tool helps blend disparate data sources

20 Nov 2018

Handling diverse data sources usually consumes precious developer time. That led healthcare CRM company SymphonyRM to hand the data prep task to business analysts. Read More

Finland’s Tieto reorganises to grab growth opportunities

05 Jun 2019

Tieto is cutting costs as part of its growth plan that will see hundreds of job cuts in Finland and Sweden Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure vendors adapt to AI workloads

10 Jan 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure evolves to accommodate the increasing demands of resource-hungry AI workloads. AI, in turn, promises to improve management of HCI and non-HCI resources. Read More