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IBM partner ecosystem chief reveals next steps, Red Hat plans

16 Aug 2019

IBM's partner ecosystem strategy has entered a new phase under David La Rose, who said extending Red Hat into new markets will be among his top priorities; more news from the week. Read More

OpenShift shops chart a course for advanced IT automation

10 May 2019

IT teams tackled containerization, developer self-service platforms and infrastructure provisioning automation in 2018. So, what's next? Read More

Apstra AOS IDs root cause of network problems

28 Nov 2018

Startup Apstra has launched version 2.3 of its intent-based networking OS. The new Apstra AOS includes analytics for finding the root cause of network problems. Read More

Apply AI to container monitoring and management -- piece by piece

18 Jun 2019

While the application of AI to container monitoring and management is possible, it first requires certain operations practices and carefully integrated tool sets. Read More

AI development tools make software development easier

30 Aug 2019

Software tools with AI can help optimize various elements to make the development pipeline easier to handle for all those involved in the process. Read More

After implementation of electronic health records, design rises

29 Jun 2018

Data presentation and interface design will influence how physicians use EHRs in the future. New tools that integrate better with health records will feed off of analyzed data. Read More

The future of AI technology: 2019 and beyond

20 Dec 2018

Enterprise AI trends in 2019 will likely include more AI-powered tools for healthcare and fintech, as well as accelerating consolidation among smaller AI vendors. Read More

IBM pushes automation, NLP in Cognos Analytics 11.1 update

01 Oct 2018

Cognos Analytics' new features include an AI assistant that responds in natural language, predictive analytics capabilities and tools for better data storytelling. Read More

Automation Anywhere's Microsoft pact indicative of hot RPA market

09 Jul 2019

RPA vendor Automation Anywhere said it's poised to take full advantage of the burgeoning RPA market. Its recent deal with Microsoft is just one indication of RPA's popularity. Read More

IoT and security: Using your network to become an IT disruptor

19 Nov 2018

Masergy's Terry Traina outlines three steps to help organizations overcome IoT security challenges and become and IoT disruptor to take advantage of all the benefits a connected enterprise has to ... Read More