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How modern business intelligence shapes up to big data

08 Apr 2019

Business intelligence and analytics strategies have evolved in recent years in the face of big data. Here, we get a supplier CEO perspective, some analyst counsel, and testimony from Nationwide, Schroders and King Read More

Six Core Technologies IT Must Deliver for DevOps Success

03 May 2019

DevOps teams face intense pressure to meet today’s accelerated development cycles and consumerized expectations for quality assurance, ease of use and mobile capabilities. Over the next four years, organizations ... Read More

ThoughtSpot SearchIQ enables voice analytics

15 Nov 2018

Part of the ThoughtSpot 5 update, which adds a number of upgrades to the BI platform, SearchIQ allows users to take advantage of conversational analytics. Read More

Maxta aims to bring AI to HCI with MxIQ

06 Nov 2018

Maxta is bringing predictive analytics into hyper-convergence. Maxta Hyperconvergence software runs on x86 hardware using VMware or Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisors to create ... Read More

DataScience.com set to drive Oracle cloud analytics efforts

13 Nov 2018

Oracle's cloud strategy includes machine learning jobs that differ from the usual SQL analytics. The company is turning to its DataScience.com purchase to fill the gap. Read More

AI for retailers is progressing

02 Aug 2019

AI in retail adoption has been relatively slow, but it's starting to pick up as retailers see the benefits of AI technologies and the realities of e-commerce competition. Read More

New Cisco Wi-Fi 6 products include Catalyst switch, APs

30 Apr 2019

Cisco has launched itself into the Wi-Fi 6 market with the release of the Catalyst 9600 core campus switch. Other new Cisco Wi-Fi 6 gear includes Catalyst access points. Read More

AI in financial services helps speed consumer interaction

18 Jul 2019

By using AI in finance, financial organizations are able to speed processes that otherwise would require more manual input from employees or consumers. Read More

Experts laud SAP Analytics Cloud but question market position

17 Oct 2018

The platform may be solid for predictive analytics, financial planning and other tasks of business analysts. But why use it instead of SAP BusinessObjects or a third-party BI tool? Read More

Wayfair charts open source components course to growth

29 Apr 2019

Teams at Wayfair mix new open source tools to power customer-facing apps. In such shops, tech leaders like Ben Clark must deftly maneuver an obstacle course of data components. Read More