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SD-WAN with IoT enables the enhanced network edge

24 Apr 2019

In a world teeming with IoT devices -- and the resulting data -- SD-WAN and SD-branch can provide the security, visibility and connectivity the IoT edge requires. Read More

The realities of enterprise data lakes: The hype is over

16 May 2019

For the last decade, we have seen an interest expand to an obsession: grab the data, store the data, keep the data. The software industry saw an opportunity to capitalize on this obsession, leading ... Read More

Huawei and Apple struggle, while Samsung extends smartphone lead

31 Jul 2019

Demand for smartphones has slowed down dramatically – Apple is struggling to shift iPhones, while the US ban has affected Huawei Read More

NWN debuts solution-as-a-service line to capture top trends

27 Sep 2019

Managed service provider NWN is honing in on five fast-growing markets with the launch of a solutions-as-a-service portfolio, and other channel news from the week. Read More

HR budgets remain flat in the face of growing expectations

12 Apr 2019

HR departments are facing increased expectations on a flat budget. To advance, they need to reallocate HR budgets to support digital initiatives, The Hackett Group reported. Read More

Intel partner marketplace to drive ecosystem collaboration

06 Dec 2019

Intel aims to make partner-to-partner collaboration easier with the launch of its Solutions Marketplace; other IT channel news from the week. Read More

Analytics trends we'll see in 2019

08 Jan 2019

BI and analytics software looks to evolve further in 2019, as tools will keep getting easier to use and more AI-powered technologies will augment user experiences. Read More

Cisco MDS 9700 switches prep for 64G Fibre Channel NVMe-oF

12 Sep 2019

Cisco's MDS 9000 networking products include SAN directors and switches. SAN Analytics adds support for NVMe over FC protocol and Ansible automation modules for storage tasks. Read More

Bristol, CNRS and Oracle join forces against tropical disease

27 Sep 2019

Scientists from the University of Bristol and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Grenoble have identified a candidate synthetic vaccine against tropical disease Chikungunya, using Oracle ... Read More

More AI in retail stores means more personalization

05 Feb 2019

Cheaper and more easily accessible AI developer tools are part of the reason why traditional retailers are better at marketing personalized experiences to customers. Read More