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Attacker hit VPN firm Avast through its VPN

22 Oct 2019

Avast has published details of how attackers attempted to gain access to its network over a five month period Read More

Healthcare in 2019: Forrester tags virtual care as trend to watch

20 Dec 2018

Virtual care, AI and widespread adoption of the FHIR standard will be major trends in healthcare next year, according to Forrester. Read More

IoT technology helps feed the growing world population

24 Sep 2019

As a result of growing population numbers, farmers and food manufacturers are facing a need for increased food production. But IoT tech can help extend the lifecycle of equipment and boost the ... Read More

Pros and cons of SAP migration to the cloud

07 Oct 2019

Hosting SAP on cloud services can bring added security and scalability. But organizations must also watch out for issues such as resource mismanagement and downtime. Read More

Cerner-AWS partnership deepens ties

11 Dec 2019

EHR vendor Cerner is expanding its relationship with AWS for added AI and machine learning capabilities as well as tools like a digital scribe that can translate speech to text. Read More

Key components of an effective data virtualization architecture

24 Jul 2019

Experts break down which elements -- both technical and nontechnical -- are most crucial to successfully deploying and managing a data virtualization architecture. Read More

10 skills of highly effective software testers

23 Aug 2019

QA professionals with hands-on experience and a mix of technical and soft skills offer great value for software engineering teams. Testers with these 10 skills can boost their careers. Read More

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

29 Jul 2019

A fresh channel face at Vodafone and a new boss at LogRhythm are just a couple of the highlights from the past week Read More

Tableau-VoiceBase deal brings speech analytics data to users

19 Mar 2019

Tableau's partnership with AI speech analytics vendor VoiceBase enables users both inside and outside of the contact center to easily derive insights from speech analytics data. Read More

Explore this NGFW comparison of leading vendors on the market

31 May 2019

Explore some of the top NGFWs currently on the market -- based on features and user reviews -- to help you make a buying decision Read More