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Top incident response tools to boost network protection

28 Jun 2019

Incident response tools can help organizations identify, prevent and respond to malware exploits, ransomware and other targeted cybersecurity attacks. Read More

Wireless site surveys and why you no longer need them

02 Apr 2019

Wireless site surveys have always been part of a WLAN installation, but today that no longer should be the case. Capacity, not coverage, is more important. Read More

Data science teams use business ties to boost data knowledge

01 Oct 2018

To ensure that advanced analytics applications are relevant to business operations, data scientists are collaborating with workers who are experts on business data. Read More

AI as a service democratizes benefits of new tech tools

05 Mar 2019

The emergence of AI-as-a-service tools is helping more enterprises access the benefits of AI, not just the leading-edge tech companies that pioneered the technology. Read More

Lightbits Labs soups up NVMe fabric with all-flash SuperSSD

25 Apr 2019

Startup Lightbits Labs prepares for an NVMe-over-TCP push, with a storage array designed for AI and cloud applications that uses its LightOS software and proprietary accelerator cards. Read More

How AI for IT operations improves VDI management

18 Oct 2018

Enterprise AI tools help IT pros improve VDI management by providing accurate estimates of resource requirements, root cause analysis of issues and more. Read More

Using visualizations and analytics in media content

12 Sep 2018

By using the best mass media BI practices, from data visualization to measuring metrics, companies like Condé Nast and Comcast are attracting consumers and raising revenues. Read More

4 essential composable infrastructure questions answered

28 Mar 2019

Learn how composable IT works, and find out when this highly flexible, programmable infrastructure model makes sense for your servers, network, and storage and when it doesn't. Read More

AI regulation stirs as unrestricted AI booms in China

11 Feb 2019

Governments need to start regulating AI as the technology advances, experts say in part one of a three-part series on AI ethics issues around regulation, control and bias. Read More

The main picks for Hadoop distributions on the market

22 May 2019

Check out the current top Hadoop distribution vendors in the market to help you determine which product is best for your company. Read More