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IBM mainframes face competitive pressures inside and out

10 Jul 2019

IBM's mainframe business continues to be under pressure from cloud-based competitors, and perhaps even its own Power server. But analyst opinions vary about its long-term fate. Read More

Tableau widens developer play -- what is a writeback extension?

01 Aug 2018

It’s always a funny thing with enterprise technology firms, isn’t it? A company that you imagine to be laser focused on upper-tier ‘presentation layer’ technologies hits you with a message set ... Read More

Which platform for machine learning is right for your enterprise?

22 Oct 2018

Turn ever-growing volumes of data into enterprise insights with the right platform for machine learning. Learn more about the vendors and products in this cutting-edge market. Read More

Deriving value out of data: Unlocking possibilities in print production

07 Mar 2019

IoT is transforming the way of life for print service providers, says HP's Dave Prezzano. Learn how connected printers and smart sensors are helping PSPs gather data, perform predictive maintenance ... Read More

Workday Rising previews AI tech that draws from customer data sets

10 Oct 2018

Workday is developing algorithms to automate certain tasks, such as anomaly detection. This technology was previewed at Workday Rising, with the tech planned to arrive in 2019. Read More

Understanding the role of the intelligent enterprise in HR

25 Jan 2019

The intelligent enterprise can streamline HR processes and enable better decision-making with data. It can also aid in recruiting and improving the employee experience. Read More

Easy-to-use data science tools power new startup

15 Feb 2017

At DonorBureau, a startup in the nonprofit space, easy-to-use tools for data science are a must. Lucky for the company, that's where the analytics software industry is going. Read More

Augmented analytics reveals the hidden side of things

01 Oct 2018

The rise of augmented analytics empowers businesses to find correlations in data that might very well be the critical difference in operational efficiency and cost savings. Read More

Five needed product features to fix network management issues

18 Jun 2018

A new survey by Enterprise Management Associates attempts to shed light on the most important tools needed to combat network management issues. Read More

Application dependency mapping expands in New Relic One

14 May 2019

DevOps monitoring vendors rev their engines as enterprises take on more sophisticated IT monitoring practices to reach the next major phase of app modernization. Read More