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The FA signs Google Cloud to support cloud-based push to make football more inclusive

31 May 2019

The Football Association is on a mission to up female participation in the sport and make it more accessible to a larger number of fans, and it is teaming up with Google Cloud to achieve its goals Read More

Nationwide uses natural language processing to discover what annoys customers

12 Mar 2019

SAS has run a proof of concept at building society Nationwide, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to determine how to improve customer correspondence Read More

Use network telemetry for improved IoT analytics

14 Aug 2019

Organizations use traffic data, such as NetFlow, sFlow and IPFIX, to send IoT information within a network flow. This provides benefits such as industry accepted data formats and improved IoT ... Read More

Use these 8 tools to deploy microservices on Azure

17 Dec 2019

IT teams deploy microservices to quickly build and scale apps, but it can get complicated fast. Check out these Microsoft Azure tools and best practices to get started the right way. Read More

Consumer behavior analytics makes the unpredictable predictable

15 Jul 2019

With AI's arsenal of machine learning, deep learning and NLP, consumer analytics can take some of the unpredictability out of predicting buying patterns and up conversion rates. Read More

A Deep Learning experience was the spark for Evolution AI: Fintech interview 27

11 Sep 2019

Evolution AI is selling technology to banks that can enable a computer to read any text in any document and make decisions based on what it reads Read More

Augmented analytics, automated tools facilitate data analysis

01 Oct 2018

From Tableau to Google, vendors increasingly incorporate augmented and automated analytics tools into their software to speed analytics work and open it up to more users. Read More

Predictive storage analytics can watch your storage for you

05 Nov 2018

Don't ask if your next storage array or software will have predictive analytics. Ask what those analytics can do for your specific systems and applications. Read More

More to machine learning platforms than meets the AI

24 Jul 2019

To reach full analytics potential, machine learning platforms powered by AI must provide scalability, handle multiple models, integrate with data sources and be cloud-friendly. Read More

How DataOps helps organisations make better decisions

15 Apr 2019

DataOps is helping organisations to accelerate the time it takes to derive value from the data they collect Read More