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Getting ready for an advanced business analytics software project

19 Aug 2010

Successful business analytics software projects require a strong focus on data quality, data integration and overcoming the challenges of advanced analytics tools, analysts say. Read More

Planned VMware analytics will improve NSX security, performance

29 Aug 2019

The new NSX Intelligence unveiled at VMworld will act as a platform for running future VMware analytics to improve NSX security and performance, a company executive said. Read More

Healthcare cloud induces benefits in storage, security

06 Aug 2019

Healthcare sees value in vacating the premises and migrating to the cloud for lower maintenance costs and better storage, disaster recovery, security, AI and analytics. Read More

Prognos and Datavant partner to improve health data analytics

01 Jul 2019

Combining Prognos software and Datavant data sharing, healthcare data analytics vendors intend to improve early detection of disease, decision-making and patient care. Read More

IBM battling to change perception of Cognos Analytics BI platform

11 Jul 2019

While some see IBM's BI suite as being too complicated and expensive for citizen data scientists, the company is adding updates to try and attract the modern user. Read More

Security data scientists on how to make your data useful

01 Aug 2018

Data science and machine learning can reveal valuable security information that would otherwise remain hidden in large data sets. Security data scientists can be hard to find and may be out of reach for most ... Read More

5 digital customer experience technologies for a winning strategy

19 Aug 2019

A strong digital CX strategy can help improve customer experience, drive revenue and reduce costs. Evaluate these five pillars to help you along your journey. Read More

Digital transformation of finance unleashes analytical minds

11 Sep 2019

Host Analytics CFO Dan Fletcher explains how finance technology supports growth and frees analysts from repetitive tasks to focus on strategic work. Read More

Rolls-Royce uses IFS to provide real-time operational data

07 Aug 2019

Aero engine maker is using IFS Maintenix to gather engine data and push out software updates Read More

Executive interview: How Figleaves uncovers a data Eden

04 Sep 2019

Online lingerie business that started out at the height of the dot com boom is now focused on using advanced analytics to reveal new data insights Read More