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A Deep Learning experience was the spark for Evolution AI: Fintech interview 27

11 Sep 2019

Evolution AI is selling technology to banks that can enable a computer to read any text in any document and make decisions based on what it reads Read More

Predictive storage analytics can watch your storage for you

05 Nov 2018

Don't ask if your next storage array or software will have predictive analytics. Ask what those analytics can do for your specific systems and applications. Read More

How DataOps helps organisations make better decisions

15 Apr 2019

DataOps is helping organisations to accelerate the time it takes to derive value from the data they collect Read More

Ivanti Cloud offers device info, real-time data analytics

25 Mar 2019

Ivanti Cloud hopes to break down IT siloes by combining IT operations and security teams. The platform includes key features like device prescription and real-time updates. Read More

More to machine learning platforms than meets the AI

24 Jul 2019

To reach full analytics potential, machine learning platforms powered by AI must provide scalability, handle multiple models, integrate with data sources and be cloud-friendly. Read More

The evolution of RPA, from macros to process transformation

10 Jan 2020

RPA evolved from technology debuted in the 1950s and '60s and was developed to today's standards by the industry's leading vendors. It's future? Think AI. Read More

DataStax offers bidirectional data dexterity for Apache Kafka

05 Oct 2019

DataStax has opened up ‘early access’ to its DataStax Change Data Capture (CDC) Connector for Apache Kafka, the open source stream-processing (where applications can use multiple computational ... Read More

Explore Hadoop distributions to manage big data

25 Feb 2019

Discover the uses of Hadoop distributions and the first steps in evaluating these products, as well as how the merger of rivals Cloudera and Hortonworks affects the market. Read More

What 2019's 'summer of outages' means for IoT

08 Jan 2020

2019 was a tough year for cloud service providers as outages affected big companies such as Google and Apple, and businesses must implement several preventative steps to ensure their IoT devices ... Read More

Kemp 360 Vision analyzes F5, Nginx data

22 Feb 2019

The latest version of the Kemp 360 Vision service can apply predictive analytics to data taken from F5 Networks and Nginx load balancers. Read More