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Apstra AOS IDs root cause of network problems

28 Nov 2018

Startup Apstra has launched version 2.3 of its intent-based networking OS. The new Apstra AOS includes analytics for finding the root cause of network problems. Read More

Oracle CDP coming in CX Unity, along with video cloud

12 Sep 2019

Oracle goes after Adobe and other CX platform vendors with new CDP-oriented sales, marketing, e-commerce and service hub, and adds a video platform to CX Unity. Read More

A glossary of key edge computing architecture terms

08 Oct 2019

Bolster your networking vocabulary and get to know the various features and technologies that constitute edge computing in this comprehensive glossary of key terms and phrases. Read More

Rubrik backup, Compellent SAN power MoA data center

10 Jun 2019

Mall of America IT director says she'd rather have her staff working on other things -- such as data analytics -- than managing storage and data backup. Read More

What are the biggest problems IoT data scientists face?

08 Aug 2019

With technology evolving rapidly and IoT growing exponentially, IoT data scientists continue to face challenges. Quickpath's Alex Fly discusses ways for data scientists to face these issues and ... Read More

Etihad Airways automates customer and luggage journey monitoring

18 Apr 2019

National airline of United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, will improve passenger journeys through automated monitoring Read More

The future of AI technology: 2019 and beyond

20 Dec 2018

Enterprise AI trends in 2019 will likely include more AI-powered tools for healthcare and fintech, as well as accelerating consolidation among smaller AI vendors. Read More

Data silos hinder IoT in healthcare; tech giants could help

26 Nov 2019

Healthcare organizations are starting to see value in breaking down IoT data silos to create a single view of a patient. Tech giants may be uniquely positioned to help. Read More

Cisco sees enterprise network opportunity in public cloud

16 May 2019

CEO Chuck Robbins says Cisco is in the best place to make the most of the new era of 5G, IoT and Wi-Fi 6 enterprise networking Read More

IoT and security: Using your network to become an IT disruptor

19 Nov 2018

Masergy's Terry Traina outlines three steps to help organizations overcome IoT security challenges and become and IoT disruptor to take advantage of all the benefits a connected enterprise has to ... Read More