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The Gym Group flexes its muscles with data analytics

15 Nov 2018

No-frills fitness company The Gym Group is using analytics technology to find insights from its financial, HR and membership data, as it limbers up for rapid expansion in the UK Read More

MapR's future in jeopardy, layoffs loom

31 May 2019

It's right there in a MapR letter to California's labor department: A leader in the Hadoop market is desperately seeking funding after poor sales of its promising data platform. Read More

AIOps wars heat up with New Relic-SignifAI deal

07 Feb 2019

An already heated struggle between DevOps monitoring vendors becomes an all-out rumble, as New Relic acquires SignifAI and ups the AIOps ante for rivals. Read More

Data management trends for 2019: Governance, DataOps, cloud

28 Dec 2018

Better data governance, increased cloud use and wider DataOps adoption head the list of trends for data management teams to plan for in 2019, IT analysts say. Read More

A brief index of network configuration basics

06 Feb 2019

This glossary of terms provides a brief overview of network configuration and some of the crucial components involved -- many of which remain as necessary as ever. Read More

How has software-defined networking security evolved?

22 Aug 2018

Software-defined networking security means more than just microsegmentation. Enterprises can also use SDN to assign security zones, improve monitoring and help with automation. Read More

How can network analytics tools benefit IT staff?

25 Jul 2018

Network analytics tools can help IT managers proactively pinpoint network performance issues and trends -- even before the underlying problem is revealed. Read More

20 firms join Tech Nation’s cyber security scale-up programme

18 Apr 2019

Tech Nation scale-up programme is designed to boost the UK’s cyber sector, accelerate the growth of its top companies and build a robust, cross-industry network Read More

The top BI trends and analytics technology predictions for 2011

28 Jan 2011

Forrester expert James Kobielus offers his technology predictions for the data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics software markets in 2011. Read More

4 ways CHROs and their teams can bust through the HR AI hype

10 Oct 2018

The AI washing of technology is real, and it's confusing tech buying teams across companies, including those looking for AI in HR. Here's how to get past that hype. Read More