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Universities use data analytics to tackle student mental health

09 Jul 2019

UK universities turn to data analytics software to tackle student mental health. Are there duty of care lessons for other sectors? Read More

UCaaS products for what every organization needs

07 Jun 2019

Check out these UCaaS products to help you make a final decision based on company overview, hardware options and technical support. Read More

Information Builders CEO on cloud-first approach, machine learning

19 Feb 2019

Information Builders' new CEO, Frank Vella, said the company's focus on cloud and machine learning will help it solidify a firm position in today's BI and analytics market. Read More

The top BI trends and analytics technology predictions for 2011

28 Jan 2011

Forrester expert James Kobielus offers his technology predictions for the data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics software markets in 2011. Read More

How to set up an Azure Kubernetes cluster using the UI

24 May 2019

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to create and deploy a cluster in Azure Kubernetes Service and get your organization started with container-based applications. Read More

The 3 pillars of SD-WAN QoS and questions to ask your providers

02 Apr 2019

Traffic shaping, path control and forward error correction are three core components of SD-WAN QoS. Here are some crucial questions to ask your vendors regarding those areas. Read More

SAP S/4HANA real-time analytics best for tactical decisions

12 Oct 2018

Experts say the built-in tool is fine for operational decisions when running S/4HANA business processes, but not for sophisticated strategic planning and predictive analytics. Read More

FinancialForce adds Einstein Analytics to back office

22 Oct 2018

FinancialForce added an analytics layer to its Professional Services Automation product to help its users find better insights in their back-office applications. Read More

Future of Oracle centers on the cloud, AI and automation

30 Jan 2019

Oracle deepened its embrace of cloud computing, AI software and IT automation tools in 2018. What can users expect from it in 2019? More of the same, most likely. Read More

Easy-to-use data science tools power new startup

15 Feb 2017

At DonorBureau, a startup in the nonprofit space, easy-to-use tools for data science are a must. Lucky for the company, that's where the analytics software industry is going. Read More