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Tableau acquisition of MIT AI startup aims at smarter BI software

13 Jun 2018

Tableau acquires AI startup Empirical Systems in a plan to provide users with automated data modeling capabilities and enable broader BI and analytics applications. Read More

AWS Summit widens net with services for containers, devs

11 Jul 2019

AWS' latest crop of tools monitors container clusters on its services and simplifies developers' use of preferred IDEs and languages, backed by an emphasis on security. Read More

Data literacy training offerings key to BI vendors

30 Oct 2018

Tableau announced a basic certification training exam, adding to its roster of online data literacy courses. Self-service BI rival Qlik also has a big focus on data literacy. Read More

SAP vs. Oracle: Which ERP system is right for your company?

30 Apr 2019

The choice often comes down to flexibility vs. standardization. Here are the key differentiators between the two vendors and advice on how to match their strengths with your needs. Read More

Alteryx 2018.3 gives users new data visualization options

30 Aug 2018

The latest version of Alteryx's data preparation and analytics software adds new visualization capabilities -- something that beta user Voxx Analytics says was needed. Read More

Expansions to VMware Cloud on AWS continue hybrid cloud push

19 Mar 2019

Wider availability of VMware Cloud on AWS to 13 worldwide regions, along with VMware's adjusted software release cadence, reflects the realities of the cloud and hybrid cloud world. Read More

Salesforce teases new CDP features ahead of fall release

18 Jun 2019

Salesforce gives details about the makeup of its Customer 360 integration platform and features of the customer data platform that it plans to release this fall. Read More

Juniper ATP appliance gets broader device support

05 Dec 2018

Juniper has bolstered the security features in its Advanced Threat Prevention product. The vendor also released a Juniper ATP appliance for midsize enterprises. Read More

Make your pitch for chaos engineering practices

12 Oct 2018

Is your QA team ready for chaos engineering? Find out how to prep staff for resilience engineering and why you should avoid that 'chaotic' name altogether. Read More

AI customer self-service platforms show analytical maturity

18 Apr 2019

AI-enabled self-service platforms graduate from traditional customer support activities to more sophisticated methods of analyzing data on customer wants, needs and behavior. Read More