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Veritas acquires Aptare for storage analytics

06 Mar 2019

Veritas acquired storage monitoring software vendor Aptare on the advice of common customers and will integrate its features in NetBackup and other data protection applications. Read More

Approach the measurement of ROI for IoT projects with care

25 Sep 2019

It's easy to get caught up on the numbers when it comes to potential business investments, but organizations should be weary of an obsession with ROI and sometimes just dive into an IoT project. Read More

Navigate the data integration product buying process

09 Apr 2019

Companies require a data integration product to help manage the constant influx of data. This buyer's guide walks through all the cases to consider before buying one. Read More

Enterprise backup software provides data protection foundation

08 Oct 2019

Learn how backup and recovery software has evolved and what features it offers IT enterprises that need to protect cloud and virtual environments and other data sources. Read More

The top BI trends and analytics technology predictions for 2011

28 Jan 2011

Forrester expert James Kobielus offers his technology predictions for the data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics software markets in 2011. Read More

A comparison of open source, real-time data streaming platforms

19 Jun 2019

With so many real-time data streaming tools, how do you know which is right for your organization? Experts compare Spark Streaming, Kafka Streams, Flink and others. Read More

IBM pushes automation, NLP in Cognos Analytics 11.1 update

01 Oct 2018

Cognos Analytics' new features include an AI assistant that responds in natural language, predictive analytics capabilities and tools for better data storytelling. Read More

Choose the right UEM platform with this in-depth roundup

30 Aug 2019

UEM tools are essential to oversee the many endpoints that reside in companies today. Read this comprehensive roundup to learn more about the leading products on the market. Read More

Salesforce Trailblazer community must keep pace to fuel growth

05 Dec 2019

Salesforce Trailhead's mission is to provide current and prospective customers with admins and developers. Growing that talent pool is crucial to Salesforce's health. Read More

Apstra AOS IDs root cause of network problems

28 Nov 2018

Startup Apstra has launched version 2.3 of its intent-based networking OS. The new Apstra AOS includes analytics for finding the root cause of network problems. Read More