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How can SAP Master Data Governance improve ERP master data?

10 Jan 2019

These nine key components of SAP MDG help ensure regulatory, legal, environmental and financial compliance of your master data and improve operational efficiency. Read More

Smart manufacturing technologies enable digital transformation

07 Jan 2019

Manufacturers are increasingly implementing smart factories to improve efficiency and productivity. But companies need to plan well before adopting new systems. Read More

RPA software harnesses the potential of a digital workforce

22 Apr 2019

RPA software cuts costs, boosts efficiency and frees employees from mind-numbing tasks. But governance challenges must be faced. Read More

A complete guide to buying data discovery software

19 Jul 2018

Data discovery software turns data into business insights, and it's vital for GDPR compliance. This guide outlines the products and business case for data discovery tools. Read More

Network data analysis driving business intelligence

29 Mar 2018

According to a study from Enterprise Management Associates, network data analysis tools are now being used by enterprises to deliver valuable information to business units. Read More

Senior civil servants address TechUK smarter state theme

07 Sep 2018

Senior government officials spoke at a TechUK “smarter state” event, revealing ambitious AI policy alongside a “back to basics” drive to get data right Read More

Google's Anthos drives new storage and data management API

25 Apr 2019

Google's hybrid and multi-cloud vision for running stateful container-based applications sparks work on a new API for data and storage management. Read More

What's driving the next-generation mobile user experience

27 Nov 2018

Mobile users expect more from their employers these days. Thankfully, new technologies are making it possible for organizations to ride the latest evolution in mobile experiences. Read More

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd sees no reason to fear ERP AI

25 Mar 2019

AI will create more jobs than it will destroy, said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. One area that may be improved by AI is customer service, which suffers from high turnover in call centers. Read More

Avoid the Hype in AI—Identifying the Right Solutions for Your Business Needs

04 Jun 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are generating interest from IT leaders eager to discover how the technologies can help their business meet the constant demands of driving down costs, achieving ... Read More