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Product roundup: Features of top SIEM software on the market

11 Dec 2018

Explore the top SIEM software and vendors currently on the market to make your decision-making process just a little bit easier. Read More

Tableau widens developer play -- what is a writeback extension?

01 Aug 2018

It’s always a funny thing with enterprise technology firms, isn’t it? A company that you imagine to be laser focused on upper-tier ‘presentation layer’ technologies hits you with a message set ... Read More

How to start an AI service business

11 Apr 2019

Building an AI practice may seem like a daunting endeavor. Fortunately, channel partners can learn from other companies that have found ways to apply AI models to customer challenges. Read More

Five needed product features to fix network management issues

18 Jun 2018

A new survey by Enterprise Management Associates attempts to shed light on the most important tools needed to combat network management issues. Read More

Expert urges data pros to hone data science skills

08 Feb 2019

IT expert William McKnight shares job tips for data professionals looking to prosper in a changing enterprise. His first piece of advice: continually foster data science skills. Read More

Top 8 cloud administrator interview questions and answers

27 Aug 2019

Hoping to become a cloud administrator? There's a lot to cover -- from tools to certifications. Prepare for your interview with these eight questions. Read More

New deep learning techniques take center stage

24 Jan 2019

The days of simple linear regressions for machine learning are giving way to more powerful deep learning techniques that point the way toward general AI capabilities. Read More

Which platform for machine learning is right for your enterprise?

22 Oct 2018

Turn ever-growing volumes of data into enterprise insights with the right platform for machine learning. Learn more about the vendors and products in this cutting-edge market. Read More

CX initiatives driving contact center technology trends

14 May 2019

Making contact center agents more present across all channels is a new focus, as tech vendors rush to give customer service operations more tools to improve customer experiences. Read More

Workday Rising previews AI tech that draws from customer data sets

10 Oct 2018

Workday is developing algorithms to automate certain tasks, such as anomaly detection. This technology was previewed at Workday Rising, with the tech planned to arrive in 2019. Read More