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Workday Rising previews AI tech that draws from customer data sets

10 Oct 2018

Workday is developing algorithms to automate certain tasks, such as anomaly detection. This technology was previewed at Workday Rising, with the tech planned to arrive in 2019. Read More

Augmented analytics reveals the hidden side of things

01 Oct 2018

The rise of augmented analytics empowers businesses to find correlations in data that might very well be the critical difference in operational efficiency and cost savings. Read More

The top BI trends and analytics technology predictions for 2011 Resource Center

30 Jan 2011

Forrester expert James Kobielus offers his technology predictions for the data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics software markets in 2011. Read More

Google: Triada backdoors were pre-installed on Android devices

10 Jun 2019

Google detailed the discovery and process of removing Triada malware after a supply chain attack led to backdoors being preinstalled on budget phones in overseas markets. Read More

Hitachi Vantara storage takes turn to NVMe, cloud

26 Sep 2018

Hitachi Vantara updates its products and prepares to lay out a strategy for using its storage for IoT and distributed data management amid the multi-cloud movement. Read More

Enterprise Power BI platform advances with SSRS, 'dataflows'

12 Nov 2018

Microsoft embeds its SSRS reporting software and more-advanced data preparation tools in Power BI, part of a plan to blend self-service and enterprise BI for users. Read More

Introducing HealthOps: When DevOps meets connected healthcare

27 Mar 2019

The digitization of healthcare, combined with connected devices and DevOps principles, creates a new wave of patient care. CyberMDX's Safi Oranski discusses why the future of healthcare is ... Read More

Tibco analytics capabilities get upgrade in Spotfire X

17 Sep 2018

New Tibco AI and natural language processing functions in the soon-to-be-released Spotfire X look to create a simpler and faster experience for self-service BI users. Read More

A comparison of 6 speech-to-text services

26 Aug 2019

AWS, Microsoft and Google can add speech-to-text capabilities to apps, but they're not your only option. Compare those cloud-based tools to other AI-infused transcription services. Read More

How can network analytics tools benefit IT staff?

25 Jul 2018

Network analytics tools can help IT managers proactively pinpoint network performance issues and trends -- even before the underlying problem is revealed. Read More