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Cisco sees enterprise network opportunity in public cloud

16 May 2019

CEO Chuck Robbins says Cisco is in the best place to make the most of the new era of 5G, IoT and Wi-Fi 6 enterprise networking Read More

AI, graph databases among top BI and analytics trends

16 Jan 2019

Leading trends in BI and analytics include machine learning, multi-cloud and graph databases. IT expert William McKnight details in a webinar how they'll affect enterprises. Read More

Oracle CDP coming in CX Unity, along with video cloud

12 Sep 2019

Oracle goes after Adobe and other CX platform vendors with new CDP-oriented sales, marketing, e-commerce and service hub, and adds a video platform to CX Unity. Read More

The top BI trends and analytics technology predictions for 2011 Resource Center

30 Jan 2011

Forrester expert James Kobielus offers his technology predictions for the data warehousing, business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics software markets in 2011. Read More

What are the biggest problems IoT data scientists face?

08 Aug 2019

With technology evolving rapidly and IoT growing exponentially, IoT data scientists continue to face challenges. Quickpath's Alex Fly discusses ways for data scientists to face these issues and ... Read More

OpenShift shops chart a course for advanced IT automation

10 May 2019

IT teams tackled containerization, developer self-service platforms and infrastructure provisioning automation in 2018. So, what's next? Read More

A glossary of key edge computing architecture terms

08 Oct 2019

Bolster your networking vocabulary and get to know the various features and technologies that constitute edge computing in this comprehensive glossary of key terms and phrases. Read More

Easy-to-use data science tools power new startup

15 Feb 2017

At DonorBureau, a startup in the nonprofit space, easy-to-use tools for data science are a must. Lucky for the company, that's where the analytics software industry is going. Read More

Augmented data management draws more enterprise interest

06 Mar 2019

With AI and machine learning, organizations are starting to augment their data management. This is changing the way enterprise users capture, govern and integrate data. Read More

IT Priorities 2019: UK investment intent for AI intensifies, SaaS applications mature beyond CRM

19 Feb 2019

AI continues to strengthen as a focus for IT systems buyers in the UK, according to this year’s Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities survey, while cloud applications are maturing beyond CRM Read More