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Automated predictive analytics tools spawn wannabe scientists

01 Oct 2018

They don't own the same depth of data science skills, but automated predictive analytics tools hatch a new breed of 'data scientists' who can produce actionable predictive models. Read More

AWS Summit widens net with services for containers, devs

11 Jul 2019

AWS' latest crop of tools monitors container clusters on its services and simplifies developers' use of preferred IDEs and languages, backed by an emphasis on security. Read More

RPA software harnesses the potential of a digital workforce

22 Apr 2019

RPA software cuts costs, boosts efficiency and frees employees from mind-numbing tasks. But governance challenges must be faced. Read More

Salesforce teases new CDP features ahead of fall release

18 Jun 2019

Salesforce gives details about the makeup of its Customer 360 integration platform and features of the customer data platform that it plans to release this fall. Read More

5 types of network diagnostics tools and what they can do

07 Nov 2018

Vendors of network analytics tools are improving older products and introducing new ones to bring network managers the information a smooth-running network now requires. Read More

Network visibility challenges in modern networks

08 Mar 2019

To tackle current visibility issues, you must first understand the nature and sources of the problems. Learn why visibility is essential but so tough to achieve. Read More

AI applications in healthcare grow, opening channel prospects

19 Feb 2019

The hype around AI applications in healthcare spans decades, but the latest wave of AI tech suggests real-world traction. Firms like Perficient are using AI in their offerings. Read More

Google's Anthos drives new storage and data management API

25 Apr 2019

Google's hybrid and multi-cloud vision for running stateful container-based applications sparks work on a new API for data and storage management. Read More

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd sees no reason to fear ERP AI

25 Mar 2019

AI will create more jobs than it will destroy, said Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. One area that may be improved by AI is customer service, which suffers from high turnover in call centers. Read More

Data scientist vs. business analyst: What's the difference?

25 Apr 2018

Data science and business analyst roles differ in that data scientists must deep dive into data and come up with unique business solutions -- but the distinctions don't end there. Read More