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CX initiatives driving contact center technology trends

14 May 2019

Making contact center agents more present across all channels is a new focus, as tech vendors rush to give customer service operations more tools to improve customer experiences. Read More

Hitachi Vantara storage takes turn to NVMe, cloud

26 Sep 2018

Hitachi Vantara updates its products and prepares to lay out a strategy for using its storage for IoT and distributed data management amid the multi-cloud movement. Read More

Top 8 cloud administrator interview questions and answers

27 Aug 2019

Hoping to become a cloud administrator? There's a lot to cover -- from tools to certifications. Prepare for your interview with these eight questions. Read More

Tibco analytics capabilities get upgrade in Spotfire X

17 Sep 2018

New Tibco AI and natural language processing functions in the soon-to-be-released Spotfire X look to create a simpler and faster experience for self-service BI users. Read More

Enterprise Power BI platform advances with SSRS, 'dataflows'

12 Nov 2018

Microsoft embeds its SSRS reporting software and more-advanced data preparation tools in Power BI, part of a plan to blend self-service and enterprise BI for users. Read More

Tableau acquisition of MIT AI startup aims at smarter BI software

13 Jun 2018

Tableau acquires AI startup Empirical Systems in a plan to provide users with automated data modeling capabilities and enable broader BI and analytics applications. Read More

How can network analytics tools benefit IT staff?

25 Jul 2018

Network analytics tools can help IT managers proactively pinpoint network performance issues and trends -- even before the underlying problem is revealed. Read More

LogicMonitor wades into AIOps with anomaly detection

26 Jun 2019

Another country heard from in AIOps: LogicMonitor rolls out anomaly detection and alert dependency correlation, but can it rise above the noise? Read More

How has software-defined networking security evolved?

22 Aug 2018

Software-defined networking security means more than just microsegmentation. Enterprises can also use SDN to assign security zones, improve monitoring and help with automation. Read More

Google: Triada backdoors were pre-installed on Android devices

10 Jun 2019

Google detailed the discovery and process of removing Triada malware after a supply chain attack led to backdoors being preinstalled on budget phones in overseas markets. Read More