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4 essential composable infrastructure questions answered

28 Mar 2019

Learn how composable IT works, and find out when this highly flexible, programmable infrastructure model makes sense for your servers, network, and storage and when it doesn't. Read More

Cloud-based predictive analytics seeing wider adoption

26 Sep 2018

A predictive analytics tool can give your storage strategy a boost by addressing storage issues before they even occur. What should you look for in a predictive analytics product? Read More

Lightbits Labs soups up NVMe fabric with all-flash SuperSSD

25 Apr 2019

Startup Lightbits Labs prepares for an NVMe-over-TCP push, with a storage array designed for AI and cloud applications that uses its LightOS software and proprietary accelerator cards. Read More

Oracle and Microsoft expand OCI, Azure cloud connections

04 Sep 2019

The multi-cloud capabilities offered by Oracle and Microsoft are now available in the U.K. via a link between the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Azure platforms. Read More

Latest Kubernetes monitoring, AIOps features trace DevOps trends

16 Jan 2019

It won't be long before Kubernetes and AIOps support are standard features among familiar DevOps monitoring tools, which will ease the learning curve for cloud-native infrastructure. Read More

Top incident response tools to boost network protection

28 Jun 2019

Incident response tools can help organizations identify, prevent and respond to malware exploits, ransomware and other targeted cybersecurity attacks. Read More

AI in financial services helps speed consumer interaction

18 Jul 2019

By using AI in finance, financial organizations are able to speed processes that otherwise would require more manual input from employees or consumers. Read More

Carbon Black acquisition bolsters VMware's security play

23 Aug 2019

VMWare announced an agreement to acquire endpoint security vendor Carbon Black in an effort to boost its cloud security offerings; the all-cash deal is valued at $2.1 billion. Read More

AI for retailers is progressing

02 Aug 2019

AI in retail adoption has been relatively slow, but it's starting to pick up as retailers see the benefits of AI technologies and the realities of e-commerce competition. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure vendors adapt to AI workloads

10 Jan 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure evolves to accommodate the increasing demands of resource-hungry AI workloads. AI, in turn, promises to improve management of HCI and non-HCI resources. Read More