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4 ways CHROs and their teams can bust through the HR AI hype

10 Oct 2018

The AI washing of technology is real, and it's confusing tech buying teams across companies, including those looking for AI in HR. Here's how to get past that hype. Read More

Health IT security should consider these leading vendors

29 Apr 2019

Explore these leading products in the cybersecurity market to best protect healthcare systems and patient data from falling victim to cyberattacks. Read More

Advanced Systems and Products signs on as reseller of Global Software analytic tools for BPCS

21 May 2003

Advanced Systems and Products signs on as reseller of Global Software analytic tools for BPCS Read More

Enterprises are crowdsourcing AI development

15 Apr 2019

By crowdsourcing AI development, enterprises can broaden the knowledge base of their machine learning applications, and early adopters are showing promising results. Read More

Alteryx 2018.3 gives users new data visualization options

30 Aug 2018

The latest version of Alteryx's data preparation and analytics software adds new visualization capabilities -- something that beta user Voxx Analytics says was needed. Read More

Deriving value out of data: Unlocking possibilities in print production

07 Mar 2019

IoT is transforming the way of life for print service providers, says HP's Dave Prezzano. Learn how connected printers and smart sensors are helping PSPs gather data, perform predictive maintenance ... Read More

The evolution of the connected digital worker

07 May 2019

Using connected-RPA, digital workers can mimic human workers on a faster scale, making fewer errors. Blue Prism's Pat Geary outlines the six category skills of connected digital workers and the ... Read More

5 trends for SQL Server environments as SQL Server 2019 looms

01 Feb 2019

SQL Server is undergoing new changes, as Microsoft prepares to release the 2019 version of the database software. Other changes are also on tap for SQL Server users. Read More

Data management trends for 2019: Governance, DataOps, cloud

28 Dec 2018

Better data governance, increased cloud use and wider DataOps adoption head the list of trends for data management teams to plan for in 2019, IT analysts say. Read More

A complete guide to buying data discovery software

19 Jul 2018

Data discovery software turns data into business insights, and it's vital for GDPR compliance. This guide outlines the products and business case for data discovery tools. Read More