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ITSM software market: Insight for channel partners

30 Apr 2019

Need advice on how to approach the IT service management market? This article aims to help channel firms refine their strategies around ITSM technology. Read More

Interview: How Hackney Council will help accelerate innovation across London boroughs

19 Jun 2019

Hackney Council’s director of ICT, Rob Miller, talks to Computer Weekly about how one of the most digitally advanced local authorities plans to collaborate with counterparts across the capital to revamp public ... Read More

Better payroll automation is next frontier for HR software

25 Jul 2019

Traditionally, companies have treated payroll as a cost centre, and so it has lagged behind the likes of talent management. But if you don’t pay the talent on time, you will pay a price Read More

Senior civil servants address TechUK smarter state theme

07 Sep 2018

Senior government officials spoke at a TechUK “smarter state” event, revealing ambitious AI policy alongside a “back to basics” drive to get data right Read More

AIOps wars heat up with New Relic-SignifAI deal

07 Feb 2019

An already heated struggle between DevOps monitoring vendors becomes an all-out rumble, as New Relic acquires SignifAI and ups the AIOps ante for rivals. Read More

Make your pitch for chaos engineering practices

12 Oct 2018

Is your QA team ready for chaos engineering? Find out how to prep staff for resilience engineering and why you should avoid that 'chaotic' name altogether. Read More

A brief index of network configuration basics

06 Feb 2019

This glossary of terms provides a brief overview of network configuration and some of the crucial components involved -- many of which remain as necessary as ever. Read More

Business use cases can determine the best BI analytics platform

03 Dec 2015

When determining the right BI analytics tool, it's important not to get caught up with the product's features. It's better to check out the data your business users are going to analyze and how they'll go about ... Read More

How cloud network architecture can redesign the enterprise edge

03 Apr 2019

Networks are changing at the edge, and maintaining edge connectivity is crucial. Cloud network advancements are transforming connectivity options, as well as WANs and SD-WANs. Read More

Juniper ATP appliance gets broader device support

05 Dec 2018

Juniper has bolstered the security features in its Advanced Threat Prevention product. The vendor also released a Juniper ATP appliance for midsize enterprises. Read More