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Buyers think SD-WAN is too expensive and complicated

20 Aug 2019

Building and maintaining an SD-WAN is perceived as a complicated endeavour, and the industry’s messages are not getting through, says a new report Read More

AI-driven tools bring practical dimension to IoT in asset maintenance

06 Sep 2019

IoT tech can help those in enterprise asset management get a better grip on data, enabling them to optimize the use of resources and automate processes. Read More

Storing predictive analytics data can be tricky: Avoid these 5 errors

29 Aug 2019

Looking into the future is getting easier with predictive analytics, but only when your storage resources are able to meet the demanding needs of the data those tools generate. Read More

GPU analytics speeds up deep learning, other data insights

12 Jul 2019

GPU-based systems have become a popular platform for deep learning applications, and they're now also being used to accelerate analysis of IoT and geospatial data. Read More

Qlik exec discusses AI and its role in the future of BI

19 Sep 2019

The next major trend in business intelligence will be the increasing impact of augmented intelligence and machine learning, Qlik's VP product management Dan Potter says in a Q&A. Read More

Pluralsight Skills & Flow: product lines now feature GitPrime developer productivity

28 Aug 2019

Technology skills platform company Pluralsight acquired developer productivity specialist GitPrime back in Spring of this year. It was a move that made logical enough sense. This was a coming ... Read More

Assess needs before evaluating network analytics software

30 Apr 2019

Learn how to evaluate your organization's current network to determine the most appropriate way to integrate network analytics software and what differentiates the different tools. Read More

Data ethics issues create minefields for analytics teams

02 Aug 2019

Organizations have to map out ethical boundaries for data mining and analytics applications, according to participants in a roundtable discussion on data and ethics. Read More

Google buys Looker to deepen enterprise software arsenal

07 Jun 2019

Google is set to buy business intelligence platform supplier Looker as it beefs up its cloud enterprise software stack Read More

Seal contract analytics software brings new UI, AI features

30 May 2019

Seal Software launched version 7 of its contract analytics software, dubbed Seal 7, touted to provide a more seamless user experience, scalability and extensibility. Read More