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Easy-to-use coding tools a new opportunity for BI vendors

11 Dec 2019

In a Q&A, Yellowfin CTO Brad Scarff talks about why analytics software vendors have recently introduced low-code tools for developers as part of their offerings. Read More

Enterprise data storage 2019 Products of the Year finalists

13 Jan 2020

The field of entrants in our 18th annual Products of the Year contest has been winnowed to 50 contenders vying for gold, silver and bronze glory in five data storage categories. Read More

SAP BI platform stays strong due to cloud-based architecture

19 Sep 2019

A cloud-native BI platform along with domain-specific applications that can be embedded to serve the needs of various industries keep SAP current and positioned well for the future. Read More

How to compare Cisco vs. HPE Aruba switches

25 Oct 2019

Organizations have much to consider when evaluating Cisco vs. HPE Aruba switches, such as device architecture, Opex, Capex and analytics capabilities. Read More

2019 storage mergers and acquisitions covered by clouds

31 Dec 2019

2019 enterprise data storage mergers and acquisitions often included a cloud angle, followed by data protection, NVMe flash and scale-out file storage. Read More

Building enterprise-grade AI: Sberbank and AI Telekom

10 Dec 2019

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are growing beyond adolescence to prove business value. Practical applications at Sberbank and AI Telekom suggest getting machine learning data in one place, where data ... Read More

The evolution of push-to-talk communications

25 Oct 2019

At any large-scale event, whether it’s an independence day parade or a Coldplay concert, chances are you’ll see security personnel using push-to-talk devices or walkie-talkies to coordinate with ... Read More

Compare the top 10 customer data platform software products

23 Dec 2019

CDPs can provide a distinct competitive advantage, but selecting a product can be tricky. Learn about the top platforms on the market, including major features and pros and cons. Read More

SMBs and the great cloud video opportunity

27 Nov 2019

As the role of video data continues to grow in importance, SMBs will need to look to cloud solutions to keep pace with the ever-evolving surveillance landscape and maintain a competitive advantage. Read More

Network automation skills and training in demand, research finds

17 Oct 2019

Surprisingly, scripting, programming and software development are not exactly the top network automation skills desired by enterprises, according to recent research. Read More