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AIOps wars heat up with New Relic-SignifAI deal

07 Feb 2019

An already heated struggle between DevOps monitoring vendors becomes an all-out rumble, as New Relic acquires SignifAI and ups the AIOps ante for rivals. Read More

A brief index of network configuration basics

06 Feb 2019

This glossary of terms provides a brief overview of network configuration and some of the crucial components involved -- many of which remain as necessary as ever. Read More

Better payroll automation is next frontier for HR software

25 Jul 2019

Traditionally, companies have treated payroll as a cost centre, and so it has lagged behind the likes of talent management. But if you don’t pay the talent on time, you will pay a price Read More

How cloud network architecture can redesign the enterprise edge

03 Apr 2019

Networks are changing at the edge, and maintaining edge connectivity is crucial. Cloud network advancements are transforming connectivity options, as well as WANs and SD-WANs. Read More

Juniper ATP appliance gets broader device support

05 Dec 2018

Juniper has bolstered the security features in its Advanced Threat Prevention product. The vendor also released a Juniper ATP appliance for midsize enterprises. Read More

Good data quality for machine learning is an analytics must

19 Jul 2018

As companies add machine learning applications, they need to really understand -- and be able to improve -- their data. That's where data quality initiatives come in. Read More

Dig into Azure Kubernetes Service networking options

30 Aug 2018

Enterprises that choose the wrong AKS networking option could face poor performance and higher costs. Evaluate the advantages and limitations of each option before you rush in. Read More

What the rise of industrial IoT means for cybersecurity

01 Jul 2019

As industrial IoT becomes widespread, warns Kudelski Security's Andrew Howard, it's critical to understand the threats connected industrial systems will face and how to mitigate Read More

Wind power: A $27 billion opportunity readymade for AI and autonomous drones

25 Apr 2019

Autonomous drones and AI not only help wind farm technicians speed up the inspection process, says Clobotics George Yan, they work in conjunction with humans to improve turbine performance and ... Read More

Data scientist vs. business analyst: What's the difference?

25 Apr 2018

Data science and business analyst roles differ in that data scientists must deep dive into data and come up with unique business solutions -- but the distinctions don't end there. Read More