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Comparing the leading big data analytics software options

12 Jan 2018

This big data analytics tools comparison examines products from the leading vendors and provides insight into how you can differentiate between the various offerings. Read More

What the 3 versions of Oracle Cloud at Customer offer users

01 Nov 2018

Oracle's Cloud at Customer service lets users run its cloud technologies in their data centers. Here's what users get in the different versions of the managed service. Read More

Storage 101: Structured data and its storage needs

10 Jan 2019

Structured data is declining as a proportion of all data but its importance to business applications and its organised nature make its storage requirements very specific Read More

Splunk expands SOAR security tools amidst 'oceans of data'

02 Oct 2018

Splunk has expanded its cyber threat security portfolio with advanced software-as-a-platform powered Security Automation, Orchestration and Response (SOAR) features. Here we find a use case library ... Read More

Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud brings e-commerce muscle

25 Oct 2018

After acquiring Magento for $1.7 billion earlier this year, Adobe has integrated its commerce product into Adobe Experience Cloud for both enterprises and SMBs. Read More

How to use AI in your business in 2019 -- AI sweet spots

29 Jan 2019

Step one in figuring out how to use AI in your business is to know what AI can and can't do today. David Petersson lays out 2019's AI sweet spots for enterprise decision-makers. Read More

The future of employee productivity begins in back office

03 Jul 2018

The technology innovations that increase employee productivity are being supported by ERP systems, and this includes embedded AI technologies. Read More

Developers may not be ready for the SAP intelligent enterprise

07 Nov 2018

In this podcast, learn how SAP pushes its message about building the intelligent enterprise, and find out why developers are not necessarily biting yet. Read More

PLM platforms evolve for a role in IoT

29 Jun 2018

Integration with IoT systems can extend the possibilities for PLM platforms, but according to experts, they must first evolve technically to handle the IoT data and processes. Read More

Marketing automation tools deliver personalization, customer focus

28 Mar 2019

When buying a marketing automation product, it's important to consider key features, how the tool addresses the organization's size, deployment options, support and pricing. Read More