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Smart manufacturing technologies enable digital transformation

07 Jan 2019

Manufacturers are increasingly implementing smart factories to improve efficiency and productivity. But companies need to plan well before adopting new systems. Read More

Better payroll automation is next frontier for HR software

25 Jul 2019

Traditionally, companies have treated payroll as a cost centre, and so it has lagged behind the likes of talent management. But if you don’t pay the talent on time, you will pay a price Read More

Wind power: A $27 billion opportunity readymade for AI and autonomous drones

25 Apr 2019

Autonomous drones and AI not only help wind farm technicians speed up the inspection process, says Clobotics George Yan, they work in conjunction with humans to improve turbine performance and ... Read More

How IoT can help prevent catastrophic events in oil and gas

25 Jun 2018

With environmental protection a priority in oil and gas, enterprises need to embrace evolving technologies. Hortonworks' Kenneth Smith explains how IoT fits in. Read More

Using enterprise intelligent automation for cognitive tasks

04 Sep 2019

RPA is no longer comprised of simple chatbots or repetitive programmed tasks. Enterprises are looking at RPA to move up the ladder of cognitive automation. Read More

5 types of network diagnostics tools and what they can do

07 Nov 2018

Vendors of network analytics tools are improving older products and introducing new ones to bring network managers the information a smooth-running network now requires. Read More

What is a software ‘connector’?

14 Dec 2018

Open source news to end the week looks to the somewhat incongruous connection between Menlo Park California and Helsinki -- it can only be MariaDB Corporation with that HQ combo. Updates to end ... Read More

Application dependency mapping expands in New Relic One

14 May 2019

DevOps monitoring vendors rev their engines as enterprises take on more sophisticated IT monitoring practices to reach the next major phase of app modernization. Read More

What the rise of industrial IoT means for cybersecurity

01 Jul 2019

As industrial IoT becomes widespread, warns Kudelski Security's Andrew Howard, it's critical to understand the threats connected industrial systems will face and how to mitigate Read More

Red Hat OpenShift Operators target AI, big data workloads

13 May 2019

Speedy deployment of machine learning jobs may not arrive too soon. But container platform enhancements from Red Hat aim to quicken the uptake of such innovations. Read More