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Field service mobile apps offer usability, new features

03 May 2018

Field service management software can be a great way to integrate mobile into a service company. Now, cloud-based platforms offer an accessible entry point for smaller businesses. Read More

A look at the leading data discovery software and vendors

29 Jun 2018

Explore the data discovery software market, including the products and vendors helping enterprises glean insights using data visualization and self-service BI. Read More

Convenience: Driver of BI innovation

22 Jun 2018

IoT and autonomous systems expert Ella Hilal, a speaker at the upcoming Real Business Intelligence Conference, connects the dots between convenience and BI innovation. Read More

AI in call centers amplifies customer voice

10 May 2018

Speech analytics use cases involving customer contact centers show how AI technology can make sense out of messy human language, helping businesses along the way. Read More

Marketing automation tools deliver personalization, customer focus

28 Mar 2019

When buying a marketing automation product, it's important to consider key features, how the tool addresses the organization's size, deployment options, support and pricing. Read More

Machine learning in healthcare: Software detects drug theft

07 Nov 2018

Using machine learning, Invistics software provides a real-time look at drug theft incidents, according to one health system's drug diversion specialist. Read More

Survey: Data very fragmented, and that’s a worry for most

20 Nov 2018

Cohesity-sponsored survey finds most organisations store multiple copies of secondary data and worry about the cost and the effect on their competitiveness Read More

Achieving IoT, cloud and edge security starts with visibility

04 Mar 2019

Maintaining edge security in an IoT or IIoT network is more challenging than securing an IT network. Lumeta at Firemon's Reggie Best discusses starting with visibility is critical to achieving IoT ... Read More

GlaxoSmithKline R&D CDO on combining Hadoop and Docker to boost drug discovery efforts

16 Oct 2018

Mark Ramsey, chief digital officer of research and development at GSK, describes how banking on big data, containers and on-premise technologies is speeding up the company’s efforts to uncover new drugs and improve... Read More

Igneous enhances unstructured data management product

23 Oct 2018

Specialist Igneous allows customers to backup and archive, search, manage, move and handle large sets of unstructured files that mainstream NAS can find difficult to handle Read More