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AI applications in healthcare grow, opening channel prospects

19 Feb 2019

The hype around AI applications in healthcare spans decades, but the latest wave of AI tech suggests real-world traction. Firms like Perficient are using AI in their offerings. Read More

SAP vs. Oracle: Which ERP system is right for your company?

30 Apr 2019

The choice often comes down to flexibility vs. standardization. Here are the key differentiators between the two vendors and advice on how to match their strengths with your needs. Read More

Network visibility challenges in modern networks

08 Mar 2019

To tackle current visibility issues, you must first understand the nature and sources of the problems. Learn why visibility is essential but so tough to achieve. Read More

Discover the best cloud ERP software for your company

14 Dec 2018

Explore the leading cloud ERP software and vendors currently on the market to make this complex decision-making process just a little bit easier. Read More

2 trends that complicate SaaS data protection

11 Sep 2019

Malware and multiple cloud platforms have pushed the importance of SaaS backup and recovery to the top of IT managers' to-do lists. We explore challenges and how to pick a vendor. Read More

AI customer self-service platforms show analytical maturity

18 Apr 2019

AI-enabled self-service platforms graduate from traditional customer support activities to more sophisticated methods of analyzing data on customer wants, needs and behavior. Read More

Mesosphere ups automation for ‘on-demand data science’

06 Nov 2018

Multi-cloud automation company Mesosphere has now come forward with Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE), Mesosphere DC/OS 1.12 and the public beta of Mesosphere Jupyter Service (MJS). Mesosphere ... Read More

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd sees no reason to fear ERP AI

25 Mar 2019

AI will create more jobs than it will destroy, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said. One area that may be improved by AI is customer service, which suffers from high turnover in call centers. Read More

How AI and machine learning enable testing to keep up with IoT

13 Dec 2018

For IoT to continue on its path of rapid growth, intelligent testing is no longer an aspiration, but an essential. Eggplant's Antony Edwards explains why AI and machine learning are key to testing IoT. Read More

Boost end-user productivity in 2019 with these insights

18 Dec 2018

There are many approaches to end-user management that can improve productivity. Read three experts' opinions on these trends for 2019. Read More