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Salesforce teases new CDP features ahead of fall release

18 Jun 2019

Salesforce gives details about the makeup of its Customer 360 integration platform and features of the customer data platform that it plans to release this fall. Read More

Exploring the SAP ERP system lineup

02 Oct 2018

With its five main ERP products, SAP cast a wide net in the ERP market. Here's a rundown of SAP ERP software offerings, including its stalwart on-prem ERP and next-gen S/4HANA. Read More

Pharmacy benefit manager turns to analytics to fight healthcare fraud

27 Jun 2018

To be able to detect fraud in healthcare more quickly and accurately, a pharmacy benefit manager is turning to advanced data analytics, allowing it to integrate pharmacy and medical claims. Read More

AWS Summit widens net with services for containers, devs

11 Jul 2019

AWS' latest crop of tools monitors container clusters on its services and simplifies developers' use of preferred IDEs and languages, backed by an emphasis on security. Read More

How to create a great customer experience strategy in 6 steps

23 Jul 2019

In today's business landscape, a powerful CX strategy is key to gaining customer loyalty and a competitive advantage. Here's how to deliver a great customer experience. Read More

How IoT edge devices fit into unified endpoint management

31 Jul 2018

Unified endpoint management strategies are evolving to include not just mobile devices, but sensor-connected IoT devices, too. Intelligent edge management can help. Read More

The threats of AI must be taken seriously to prevent harm

12 Jul 2018

The risks of AI use are growing as the technology becomes more pervasive. Rather than laugh off the threats, businesses should move to mitigate them before they become headaches. Read More

Avoid the Hype in AI—Identifying the Right Solutions for Your Business Needs

04 Jun 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are generating interest from IT leaders eager to discover how the technologies can help their business meet the constant demands of driving down costs, achieving ... Read More

Computer vision tools reach into test, healthcare, security

22 May 2019

Gaining a reputation as a viable technology in niche applications like X-ray scans, fingerprint matching and robotics, computer vision looks to mainstream, commodified apps. Read More

A tour through the PPM software marketplace

21 Dec 2018

Finding the right PPM software is vital to project success. Here's a close look at the market leaders. Read More