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Digital finance technologies at epicenter of CFO transformations

01 Jul 2019

Technologies like AI, analytics, bots, big data and blockchain could transform the finance function into a valued strategic partner for companywide digital transformation. Read More

Can next-gen SIEM help cybersecurity initiatives?

16 Sep 2019

More organizations are using SIEM, AI and cloud technology to minimize security breaches. Though despite interest, this combination is still in its infancy. Read More

Where integrated hybrid cloud storage makes sense in the enterprise

30 Jul 2019

Is your organization ready to do more with hybrid cloud storage? Find out how to integrate this technology and put all the hardware, software and services to work effectively. Read More

Evaluate top network analysis tools to find the right fit

13 May 2019

Before selecting a network analytics tool, determine which devices and vendors make up your organization's network and what problems you hope to solve by deploying this product. Read More

Network traffic analysis tools secure a new, crucial role

20 Aug 2019

Gartner just produced its first-ever guide to network traffic analytics security tools. Learn how the analysis of network traffic is broadening to include network security. Read More

What are the steps I should take for network transformation?

16 Aug 2019

The path to digital transformation has three points that all organizations should reach to ensure their network is ready for digital transformation. Read More

What's behind the Domo machine learning tool Did You Know

09 Aug 2019

Domo's Did You Know feature uses machine learning algorithms to automatically pull analytics information out of data sets for business users. Here's how it works. Read More

Kaloom introduces real-time INT for data center visibility

18 Jun 2019

Kaloom's in-band network telemetry, FlowEye, intends to provide data center managers with a full view of a packet's real-time journey through a data center. Read More

SAS Viya cloud software at center of SAS analytics strategy

03 May 2019

The spotlight at SAS Global Forum 2019 was on the vendor's Viya analytics tools, which are getting new functionality and licensing options meant to spur deployments. Read More

Data science platforms boost automation, collaboration

27 Mar 2019

Data scientists can choose from a growing list of commercial and open source platforms that ease data access, analytics, model building and management in a collaborative way. Read More