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NLP progress in BI and analytics slowed by language barriers

24 Oct 2019

Natural language processing shows potential in simplifying data access and deriving deeper insights, but NLP's strengths can be its weaknesses in reaching the Promised Land. Read More

SwiftStack layoffs reflect change in focus to AI, analytics

27 Dec 2019

Object storage vendor SwiftStack hands out layoff notices for the holidays -- cuts sales, marketing, partner team members, while shifting focus to analytics, AI, machine learning. Read More

Decipher how and when to utilize the Azure logging options

25 Nov 2019

Logging is a big piece of the cloud management puzzle. Do you know which logs to track in Azure Monitor, and when to use them? Learn more about Azure log types and best practices. Read More

Kinetica opens Melbourne office, bullish on data analytics

23 Oct 2019

Analytics startup is bullish about the Australian market as more organisations leverage GPU-based platforms to support real-time analytics Read More

AI at the core of next-generation BI

25 Oct 2019

AI is part of BI platforms, but this is only the start of a new analytics generation. In a Q&A, Constellation Research analyst Doug Henschen discusses AI tools in BI platforms. Read More

Security data scientists on how to make your data useful

01 Aug 2018

Data science and machine learning can reveal valuable security information that would otherwise remain hidden in large data sets. Security data scientists can be hard to find and may be out of reach for most ... Read More

Tableau vs. Qlik Sense: Pros and cons of the BI tools

29 Aug 2019

Products from the two top data visualization vendors are starting to resemble each other as the need for strong visualizations and scalability in self-service BI has crystalized. Read More

Why data-driven applications need a governance framework

03 Oct 2019

Data is the new oil – but without tight control, how can business determine that the data is valid? Data catalogues are back in vogue Read More

Data silos and culture lead to data transformation challenges

31 Oct 2019

Data continues to grow at a rapid rate, and users are faced with increasing complexity and challenges to make sense of it all in a way that helps improve business outcomes. Read More

Managing unstructured data is crucial to enterprises' AI goals

11 Nov 2019

Unstructured data makes up a huge portion of most businesses' data volume. But, with data-hungry AI systems coming online, making sense of these stores has never been more important. Read More