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SAP Leonardo IoT bridges gap between IoT and transactional data

27 Feb 2019

SAP wants to stake a claim in IoT with SAP Leonardo IoT and integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, but observers call the announcement more marketing exercise than anything. Read More

MapR Data Platform gets object tiering and S3 support

05 Jul 2018

MapR Technologies adds policy-based tiering to its Data Platform to automatically move data across performance, capacity and archive storage on premises and in cloud. Read More

Top issues for data management programs include big data, IoT, cloud

30 Jan 2017

It's time for big data systems to prove their business value, consultant Andy Hayler says. He also sees growing roles for IoT, the cloud and machine learning in the data management process. Read More

Words to go: Industry 4.0 basics

25 Feb 2019

We've compiled a list of the key terms used to describe the fourth industrial revolution, as well as some of the technologies that are driving the vision forward. Read More

One secret to a data-driven HR culture? Change management

24 Jan 2018

Typically, the HR department doesn't have analytics experience, and analytics experts don't have HR experience. That's why change management is critical to HR analytics success. Read More

Use cases and benefits of smart sensors for IoT

30 Apr 2019

Smart sensors are key to developing IoT applications, as they help modernize and streamline analytics and connectivity. Catch up on the types of IoT sensors, their use cases and more. Read More

Aruba 802.11ax APs, switches address niche market

16 Nov 2018

Aruba has launched access points and switches aimed at early adopters of the next-generation Wi-Fi standard. The Aruba 802.11ax gear is aimed at colleges, retailers and hotels. Read More

Value-based models of care depend on advanced technologies

06 Nov 2017

As healthcare shifts from fee-for-service to value-based care, health systems and physician groups are using advanced technology to achieve better care at lower cost. Read More

SAP and Accenture collaborate on entitlement management platform

04 Jun 2018

SAP collaborates with Accenture on entitlements management and digital transformation platform for defense organizations. AppDynamics releases new application monitoring tool for SAP. Read More

Ruckus SmartZone to get IoT module

23 Feb 2018

Ruckus plans to release a suite of technology for companies that want to support IoT devices on the WLAN. The suite includes an IoT module for the Ruckus SmartZone controller. Read More