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Prognos and Datavant partner to improve health data analytics

01 Jul 2019

Combining Prognos software and Datavant data sharing, healthcare data analytics vendors intend to improve early detection of disease, decision-making and patient care. Read More

Healthcare cloud induces benefits in storage, security

06 Aug 2019

Healthcare sees value in vacating the premises and migrating to the cloud for lower maintenance costs and better storage, disaster recovery, security, AI and analytics. Read More

The network security tools to combat modern threats

25 Nov 2019

Incorporating new network security tools and methods into your enterprise's infosec program may mean the difference between staying safe or falling victim to an attack. Read More

Analytics revolution has spread the wealth of information

07 Nov 2019

Business intelligence over the last 20 years has been marked by the opening up of data to everyday business users after it was once the sole possession of IT departments. Read More

Planned VMware analytics will improve NSX security, performance

29 Aug 2019

The new NSX Intelligence unveiled at VMworld will act as a platform for running future VMware analytics to improve NSX security and performance, a company executive said. Read More

Tableau or Qlik: What separates the data visualization tools?

15 Nov 2019

While leading data visualization vendors Tableau and Qlik may seem similar, there are substantial differences. Understanding the differences is key to making the right decision. Read More

5 tips to help IT administrators use AIOps tools effectively

13 Dec 2019

AIOps tools can simplify virtual system management, but you should consider a few things prior to adoption: business processes, employee skills, volume of data and AIOps complexity. Read More

Evolution of analytics marked by wider dissemination of data

07 Nov 2019

With BI platforms getting easier to use by the year and enabling more self-service users in process, the value of analytics is being realized by a growing audience. Read More

Can advanced fire modeling put out wildfires?

22 Oct 2019

Splunk has ‘closed funding’ in Zonehaven, a cloud-based analytics application designed to help communities improve evacuations and reduce wildfire risk with data. The funding is the first ... Read More

ArubaOS-CX upgrade unifies campus, data center networks

24 Oct 2019

Aruba's latest switches and ArubaOS-CX upgrade join campus and data center networking as Cisco heads in a similar direction with DNA Center. Read More