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Domain-specific BI vendors gain foothold with expertise

30 Aug 2019

While leading BI vendors target large audiences with their analytics tools, many other companies target a single specialized industry and use their expertise to best serve users. Read More

9 ERP use cases to consider before buying an ERP system

15 Aug 2019

Choosing the right ERP system requires considering a dizzying array of factors from company size to business goals. To that end, here are nine use cases that can help simplify your research. Read More

$1 billion SAS AI investment recharges vendor's mission

02 Apr 2019

SAS' new AI initiative includes a $1 billion investment and partnership with AI chip vendor Nvidia. The goal is to bring advanced AI tech to end users. Read More

IT pros contend with the future of continuous delivery

16 Aug 2019

Continuous delivery tools are poised to add comprehensive breadth and analytical depth, but whether most enterprises can assimilate them is another matter. Read More

Top 10 incident response vendors for 2019

28 Jun 2019

Leading incident response services include a variety of specialized tools to help organizations plan and manage their overall cybersecurity posture. Read More

Ciena's Blue Planet automation suite wins TechTarget award

29 Aug 2019

Ciena's Blue Planet software suite has won SearchNetworking's Network Innovation Award for enabling intelligent automation and network service orchestration across large, multivendor networks. Read More

Data modeling software tackles glut of new data sources

09 May 2019

Data modeling platforms are starting to incorporate features to automate data-handling processes, but IT must still address entity resolution, data normalization and governance. Read More

Compare offerings from network analytics market leaders

22 May 2019

Learn how 10 top network analytics tools compare when it comes to vendor type, deployment mode, specific features and technical support options. Read More

Museums and data: A powerful combination

23 Aug 2019

With more and more museums using data to inform their decision-making processes, visitors are reaping the benefits by enjoying a better user experience. Read More

Oracle: the autonomous database drives the 'evolution' of the DBA

16 Sep 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team is in San Francisco for Oracle Open World 2019. As day one kicks off, we start with a resounding message from Oracle central: this is the point at which ... Read More