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Tableau-VoiceBase deal brings speech analytics data to users

19 Mar 2019

Tableau's partnership with AI speech analytics vendor VoiceBase enables users both inside and outside of the contact center to easily derive insights from speech analytics data. Read More

How DataOps helps organisations make better decisions

15 Apr 2019

DataOps is helping organisations to accelerate the time it takes to derive value from the data they collect Read More

Follow trends and research to increase networking innovations

27 Jun 2019

Organizations can witness network transformations if they are aware of market trends, research and disruptive technologies. Many turn to third parties for this information. Read More

5 types of cloud skills that IT professionals should know

30 Apr 2019

Cloud computing has spawned a spectrum of new IT roles, and professionals must sharpen their technology expertise to remain competitive in the job market. Review these top skills that IT pros should focus on. Read More

More AI in retail stores means more personalization

05 Feb 2019

Cheaper and more easily accessible AI developer tools are part of the reason why traditional retailers are better at marketing personalized experiences to customers. Read More

Nationwide uses natural language processing to discover what annoys customers

12 Mar 2019

SAS has run a proof of concept at building society Nationwide, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to determine how to improve customer correspondence Read More

Big data network analytics: The next big thing

03 Apr 2018

Networking managers are trying to keep track of an ever-increasing number of moving pieces. To do so, they are turning to a new class of big data network analytics that applies machine learning and artificial ... Read More

Analytics trends we'll see in 2019

08 Jan 2019

BI and analytics software looks to evolve further in 2019, as tools will keep getting easier to use and more AI-powered technologies will augment user experiences. Read More

Ivanti Cloud offers device info, real-time data analytics

25 Mar 2019

Ivanti Cloud hopes to break down IT siloes by combining IT operations and security teams. The platform includes key features like device prescription and real-time updates. Read More

AIOps early adopters tackle data quality issues

12 Jun 2019

AIOps is new in many ways, but early adopters must also heed a time-honored IT maxim: garbage in, garbage out. Read More