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NVMe-oF performance monitoring best practices that work

16 Jan 2020

Don't let your storage network infrastructure get in the way of delivering NVMe-oF's low-latency benefits. See how these best practices can fix problems before they occur. Read More

Prognos and Datavant partner to improve health data analytics

01 Jul 2019

Combining Prognos software and Datavant data sharing, healthcare data analytics vendors intend to improve early detection of disease, decision-making and patient care. Read More

7 steps to improve unified communications security

21 Nov 2019

Unified communications security should not be overlooked. Follow these seven best practices to ensure all the elements of your UC system are secure. Read More

Why CIOs need to adopt a process mining initiative

07 Nov 2019

The father of process mining Wil van der Aalst weighs in on the future and explains why it's crucial for organizations to start process mining on a larger scale today. Read More

Healthcare cloud induces benefits in storage, security

06 Aug 2019

Healthcare sees value in vacating the premises and migrating to the cloud for lower maintenance costs and better storage, disaster recovery, security, AI and analytics. Read More

Data catalog management for analytics fraught with unique demands

17 Dec 2019

Data catalogs for analytics applications demand detailed assessment of user needs, cross-functional teams, ready access, continuous improvement and a self-sustaining system. Read More

CPM software Prophix organizes Spacesaver sales info for success

21 Nov 2019

CPM software helped consolidate financial data, which allowed Spacesaver to cut its monthly close time by two-thirds and replace Excel spreadsheets with OLAP-based analytics. Read More

Planned VMware analytics will improve NSX security, performance

29 Aug 2019

The new NSX Intelligence unveiled at VMworld will act as a platform for running future VMware analytics to improve NSX security and performance, a company executive said. Read More

IBM battling to change perception of Cognos Analytics BI platform

11 Jul 2019

While some see IBM's BI suite as being too complicated and expensive for citizen data scientists, the company is adding updates to try and attract the modern user. Read More

Analytics revolution has spread the wealth of information

07 Nov 2019

Business intelligence over the last 20 years has been marked by the opening up of data to everyday business users after it was once the sole possession of IT departments. Read More