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How to find a much sought-after data scientist

01 Apr 2019

Every organisation seems to be hunting for a data scientist, but securing the right people with the right skills is a challenge Read More

Healthcare in 2019: Forrester tags virtual care as trend to watch

20 Dec 2018

Virtual care, AI and widespread adoption of the FHIR standard will be major trends in healthcare next year, according to Forrester. Read More

Navigate the data integration product buying process

09 Apr 2019

Companies require a data integration product to help manage the constant influx of data. This buyer's guide walks through all the cases to consider before buying one. Read More

Rubrik backup, Compellent SAN power MoA data center

10 Jun 2019

Mall of America IT director says she'd rather have her staff working on other things -- such as data analytics -- than managing storage and data backup. Read More

3 companies successfully monetizing IoT data

17 May 2019

While many companies use IoT to increase efficiencies and save money, some are revamping their business model and monetizing IoT data via subscription services and digital products. Read More

Explore Hadoop distributions to manage big data

25 Feb 2019

Discover the uses of Hadoop distributions and the first steps in evaluating these products, as well as how the merger of rivals Cloudera and Hortonworks affects the market. Read More

CIOs must evaluate best use cases for AI in medical imaging

23 May 2019

Medical imaging is a mainstay in healthcare organizations, but traditionally stores and retrieve images. It can benefit from advancements enabled by AI, such as data mining. Read More

Kemp 360 Vision analyzes F5, Nginx data

22 Feb 2019

The latest version of the Kemp 360 Vision service can apply predictive analytics to data taken from F5 Networks and Nginx load balancers. Read More

Veritas acquires Aptare for storage analytics

06 Mar 2019

Veritas acquired storage monitoring software vendor Aptare on the advice of common customers and will integrate its features in NetBackup and other data protection applications. Read More

Verint acquisition of ForeSee gives VOC software an upgrade

11 Feb 2019

By combining Verint and ForeSee, users can capture customer interactions through SMS and customer surveys, as well as through online traffic and digital channels. Read More