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Pluralsight Skills & Flow: product lines now feature GitPrime developer productivity

28 Aug 2019

Technology skills platform company Pluralsight acquired developer productivity specialist GitPrime back in Spring of this year. It was a move that made logical enough sense. This was a coming ... Read More

Seal contract analytics software brings new UI, AI features

30 May 2019

Seal Software launched version 7 of its contract analytics software, dubbed Seal 7, touted to provide a more seamless user experience, scalability and extensibility. Read More

Data ethics issues create minefields for analytics teams

02 Aug 2019

Organizations have to map out ethical boundaries for data mining and analytics applications, according to participants in a roundtable discussion on data and ethics. Read More

Gut instinct drives more firms than big data analytics

27 Jan 2015

The rise of advanced analytics exerted upon big data stores and the opportunities for software application developers to engineer new 'insight-empowered' applications (and embedded application ... Read More

Qlik exec discusses AI and its role in the future of BI

19 Sep 2019

The next major trend in business intelligence will be the increasing impact of augmented intelligence and machine learning, Qlik's VP of product marketing Dan Potter says in a Q&A. Read More

New hardware, use cases shape server benchmarking needs

07 Nov 2019

Advancements in server hardware help admins address the latest data-intensive use cases. But this brings questions about the place of industrywide benchmarking standards. Read More

Evaluate top network analysis tools to find the right fit

13 May 2019

Before selecting a network analytics tool, determine which devices and vendors make up your organization's network and what problems you hope to solve by deploying this product. Read More

Digital finance technologies at epicenter of CFO transformations

01 Jul 2019

Technologies like AI, analytics, bots, big data and blockchain could transform the finance function into a valued strategic partner for companywide digital transformation. Read More

Where integrated hybrid cloud storage makes sense in the enterprise

30 Jul 2019

Is your organization ready to do more with hybrid cloud storage? Find out how to integrate this technology and put all the hardware, software and services to work effectively. Read More

Microsoft, Cisco usher in new era of video conferencing interoperability

19 Nov 2019

In this roundup of UC blogs, analysts discuss the future of video interoperability, Zoom's evolution in business communications and key announcements from Microsoft Ignite. Read More