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Ascend releases Queryable Dataflows for building data pipelines

04 Sep 2019

Ascend releases a technology preview of a capability that will enable data engineers to directly query dataflows, without the need for data to first be in a data warehouse. Read More

SD-WAN with IoT enables the enhanced network edge

24 Apr 2019

In a world teeming with IoT devices -- and the resulting data -- SD-WAN and SD-branch can provide the security, visibility and connectivity the IoT edge requires. Read More

Health insurance mergers aim to reduce costs, improve outcomes

11 Jul 2019

Insurance payers are merging with healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Access to patient data for analytics can help them achieve those goals. Read More

Consumer behavior analytics makes the unpredictable predictable

15 Jul 2019

With AI's arsenal of machine learning, deep learning and NLP, consumer analytics can take some of the unpredictability out of predicting buying patterns and up conversion rates. Read More

More to machine learning platforms than meets the AI

24 Jul 2019

To reach full analytics potential, machine learning platforms powered by AI must provide scalability, handle multiple models, integrate with data sources and be cloud-friendly. Read More

HR budgets remain flat in the face of growing expectations

12 Apr 2019

HR departments are facing increased expectations on a flat budget. To advance, they need to reallocate HR budgets to support digital initiatives, The Hackett Group reported. Read More

Big data network analytics: The next big thing

03 Apr 2018

Networking managers are trying to keep track of an ever-increasing number of moving pieces. To do so, they are turning to a new class of big data network analytics that applies machine learning and artificial ... Read More

Data management roles: Data architect vs. data engineer, others

13 Aug 2019

Veteran data professional Michael Bowers differentiates between key data management positions, including their salaries and which ones can add the most business value. Read More

Explore this NGFW comparison of leading vendors on the market

31 May 2019

Explore some of the top NGFWs currently on the market -- based on features and user reviews -- to help you make a buying decision Read More

The FA signs Google Cloud to support cloud-based push to make football more inclusive

31 May 2019

The Football Association is on a mission to up female participation in the sport and make it more accessible to a larger number of fans, and it is teaming up with Google Cloud to achieve its goals Read More