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Security data scientists on how to make your data useful

01 Aug 2018

Data science and machine learning can reveal valuable security information that would otherwise remain hidden in large data sets. Security data scientists can be hard to find and may be out of reach for most ... Read More

Google buys Looker to deepen enterprise software arsenal

07 Jun 2019

Google is set to buy business intelligence platform supplier Looker as it beefs up its cloud enterprise software stack Read More

Getting ready for an advanced business analytics software project

19 Aug 2010

Successful business analytics software projects require a strong focus on data quality, data integration and overcoming the challenges of advanced analytics tools, analysts say. Read More

Assess needs before evaluating network analytics software

30 Apr 2019

Learn how to evaluate your organization's current network to determine the most appropriate way to integrate network analytics software and what differentiates the different tools. Read More

Digital finance technologies at epicenter of CFO transformations

01 Jul 2019

Technologies like AI, analytics, bots, big data and blockchain could transform the finance function into a valued strategic partner for companywide digital transformation. Read More

Seal contract analytics software brings new UI, AI features

30 May 2019

Seal Software launched version 7 of its contract analytics software, dubbed Seal 7, touted to provide a more seamless user experience, scalability and extensibility. Read More

Evaluate top network analysis tools to find the right fit

13 May 2019

Before selecting a network analytics tool, determine which devices and vendors make up your organization's network and what problems you hope to solve by deploying this product. Read More

Kaloom introduces real-time INT for data center visibility

18 Jun 2019

Kaloom's in-band network telemetry, FlowEye, intends to provide data center managers with a full view of a packet's real-time journey through a data center. Read More

Top 10 incident response vendors for 2019

28 Jun 2019

Leading incident response services include a variety of specialized tools to help organizations plan and manage their overall cybersecurity posture. Read More

SAS Viya cloud software at center of SAS analytics strategy

03 May 2019

The spotlight at SAS Global Forum 2019 was on the vendor's Viya analytics tools, which are getting new functionality and licensing options meant to spur deployments. Read More