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Prioritize DevOps and Agile outcomes, not transformation

06 Nov 2019

Tools are easy; people are difficult. So, when it comes to an Agile or DevOps transformation, focus on the desired outcomes, not the process changes, as we discuss in this podcast. Read More

Storage and DevOps: What is required for agile development?

19 Sep 2019

DevOps brings continuous and agile application. Storage has to fit in and make itself just as responsive to development that does away with the inertia of stifling hierarchies Read More

How Agile and DevOps leadership empowers the whole team

31 May 2019

A dictatorial style of leadership doesn't cut it in Agile and DevOps shops. Here's how managers can ditch bad habits and instead encourage team experimentation and decision-making. Read More

ITSM vs DevOps: Are DevOps, Agile overshadowing ITSM frameworks?

27 Sep 2018

In this Ask the Expert, digital transformation expert IsaacSacolick shares his perspective on the impact that DevOps and Agile strategies have on ITSM practices. Read More

Compuware unifies an Agile ‘DevOps toolchain’ across the mainframe

20 Jul 2018

Compuware has been busy. Along with its usual weekly basket of supermarket essentials, the firm has announced a product acquisition, unveiled enhancements to its automated unit testing tool Topaz ... Read More

Atlassian CISO Adrian Ludwig shares DevOps security outlook

01 Nov 2019

Atlassian's CISO believes that eventually, application security mechanisms will be absorbed completely into Agile and DevOps tools -- including his own company's products. Read More

Leading companies embrace DevOps to improve agility and flexibility

20 Sep 2018

DevOps is an approach to improving the efficiency of software development roll-outs, but while the benefits are clear, companies face a number of challenges along the way Read More

DevOps is wasted unless the business goes Agile too

24 Aug 2018

When analysts and journalists write about Agile and DevOps, the focus is typically on the technology and infrastructure – what it means for software and systems development in an age when the ... Read More

Agile and DevOps are better together in 2018

28 Dec 2017

IT industry observers agree: When you add DevOps and Agile, you get more than the sum of the parts. See how experts envision the combination of Agile and DevOps in 2018. Read More