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Cross-Site Scripting Attacks: Identify and Defend against Malicious Code

sponsored by WhiteHat Security Published: 16 Jan 2018 Video

Learn about a proactive security and code testing platform that enables you to monitor large amounts of code across 5 common programming languages so that you can identify and resolve incidents of malicious code ...

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Resolving key integration challenges for financial applications

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 22 Oct 2012 eGuide

Read this expert e-guide to learn how to improve reference data management to avoid headaches in the financial sector and discover best practices for devising and carrying out a financial management software ...

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The Right Strategy for CFOs to Navigate Financial Application Purchases

sponsored by SearchFinancialApplications Published: 31 Dec 2012 eBook

This expert e-book outlines a complete strategy to help CFOs navigate financial application purchases, from putting the right people in place to combing the market and finding the best price.

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Application security testing: Protecting your application and data

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 07 Nov 2011 eBook

Application security testing is critical in ensuring your data and applications are safe from security attack. This e-book, written for IT management, including QA and development managers, explains the basics of ...

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Finding Buffer Credit Issues: A Tutorial

sponsored by IntelliMagic Published: 30 Jul 2018 Webcast

This video demonstrates how to identify buffer credit issues with easy-to-follow instructions, including how to look for transmit patterns on the fabric to locate any buffer credit shortages. Tune in to get started.

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How a next-generation firewall prevents application-layer attacks

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 24 Apr 2013 eGuide

The application awareness of next-generation firewalls (NGFW) provides security IT teams with new opportunities and challenges. Read this expert E-Guide to discover how a NGFW prevents application-layer attacks and...

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E-Guide: The dangers of application logic attacks

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 13 Apr 2011 eGuide

Developing a secure and effective Web application can be daunting. And, hackers aren't making this task any easier. In this tip from our Ask the Experts section, Web application security expert Michael Cobb ...

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Why Web Application Attacks are a Growing Threat to the Cloud

sponsored by Oracle Dyn Published: 07 Sep 2018 Essential Guide

New research found that web application attacks present a significant threat to cloud environments. Find out what cybersecurity expert, Rob Shapland, has to say as he explains these risks and what enterprises ...

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Linearly Scalable, "Local" Burst Buffer with NVMe

sponsored by Excelero Published: 07 Sep 2018 White Paper

Read this white paper for several methods of building burst buffers for checkpoints, including one that takes advantage of NVMe technology to support large-scale modeling, analysis, simulation, and visualization.

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Top 10 Business Logic Attack Vectors Attacking and Exploiting Business Application Assets and Flaws – Vulnerability Detection to Fix

sponsored by Rapid7 Published: 07 Jun 2017 White Paper

In this white paper, gain an overview of the top 10 business logic flaw attacks, as well as some tips on how you can test and eliminate these kinds of vulnerabilities.

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