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Researchers use AI, big data and machine learning to find best place in the world to live

By Zach Emmanuel 20 Mar 2018

West Perth in Australia and Hebden Bridge in the UK are among the top locations ranked by machine learning tool in SAS project Read More

Big data and IoT benefit from machine learning, AI apocalypse not imminent

By Mike Matchett 19 May 2016

Enterprise gets more from its data and better predictive analytics with capable machine learning, but this AI still isn't good enough at finding meaningful patterns in data. Read More

MS Foils Coin Mining Compelling Telemetry Case

By Ed Tittel 09 Mar 2018

Through clever and effective use of telemetry data, AI and machine learning, MS foils coin mining in a big way in Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Read More

Progress: developer chatbot tools are now ‘a thing’

By Adrian Bridgwater 14 May 2018

We need more chatbots and we need them to be more intelligently fueled by AI and machine learning and big data analytics functions, obviously. We also need more chatbot tools for developers to ... Read More

Machine learning models require DevOps-style workflows

By Jack Vaughan 15 Jan 2018

Big data is driving the use of AI and machine learning. But teams must be swift to embrace DevOps and re-evaluate models, according to Wikibon's James Kobielus. Read More

OpenText debuts content management AI platform -- will it take off?

By Don Fluckinger 12 Jul 2017

OpenText's new AI platform -- which combines open source machine learning with advanced analysis to acquire, merge, manage and analyze big data -- takes aim at Watson. Read More

Automation and AI challenges: CIO tips for success

By Linda Tucci 17 Jul 2019

Katherine Johnson, director of emerging technologies at Trace3, delves into some of the AI challenges facing CIOs today in this video shot at the 2019 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. Read More

Next-gen technology helps mitigate supply chain risks

By Jim O'Donnell 05 Jun 2017

Supply chain risks can be very disruptive for a company, but technologies like IoT, big data analytics, machine learning and AI can help uncover and mitigate them. Read More

AI in IoT elevates data analysis to the next level

By Scott Robinson 20 Jun 2019

As IoT devices voraciously gather data, many companies are unprepared to take it all in. Deploying AI in IoT systems can make a profound difference when sorting through data. Read More

Q&A: How a machine learning platform opens up big data possibilities

By Nick Martin 21 Apr 2017

With big data architectures and cloud resources finally making machine learning applications possible, Monte Zweben says it's time to map out your AI-enabled futures. Read More