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Big Data Challenges and Pitfalls

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 10 Sep 2013 eGuide

This expert e-guide examines the key challenges and potential pitfalls of big data and offers real-world strategies and advice for achieving big data success.

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Preparing a database strategy for Big Data

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 10 Sep 2013 eGuide

This e-guide outlines the key database challenges and opportunities introduced by big data, and offers expert advice to help you successfully prepare a big data database strategy.

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Rethink data integration for the age of big data

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 24 Feb 2014 eGuide

This expert e-guide explores the need for new thinking around data integration in a big data world, and highlights key tools that can deliver the value you're looking for.

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Generating business value from Big Data

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 18 Jun 2013 eGuide

For high-end, challenging applications integrating business intelligence (BI) data with other information such as Internet clickstream and social networking data, the trend is shifting toward build in the buy vs. ...

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Demystifying Big Data: Facts vs. Hype

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 27 Sep 2013 eGuide

What is "big data" and why is the IT industry talking about it so much? In this expert e-guide, discover what Gartner Inc. says about the emergence of a big data hype cycle.

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Best practices for effective information management

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 29 Sep 2011 eGuide

In this expert e-guide take away tips to optimize your business value of successful data management processes, manage the lifecycle of your information and create effective deployments.

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The best way to begin an enterprise information management program

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 12 Jan 2012 eGuide

Approaching an enterprise information management (EIM) strategy and ensuring it will provides the best business opportunities for your organization can be a challenge. In this e-guide, readers will learn EIM best ...

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Building the business case for data warehousing appliances

sponsored by SearchDataManagement Published: 19 Jun 2012 eGuide

This expert e-guide outlines the specs and details of data warehousing appliance technology that can make hardware and software bundles a perfect fit for your organization. Also learn how to decide if investing in ...

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Big Data Management for Dummies

sponsored by INFORMATICA Published: 15 Nov 2017 eBook

This "For Dummies" e-book explores how to execute a sound big data management strategy, built on the 3 pillars of integration, governance, and security. Learn about the tenets of effective big data management and ...

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Big Switch Networks and Dell EMC: Next-generation Data Center Networking

sponsored by Big Switch Networks Published: 30 Jun 2017 White Paper

Software-defined data center workloads are increasing the cost and complexity of configuring, visualizing and securing the network. In this white paper, discover how to deploy and manage the next-generation ...

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