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Brandon Carroll

Global Config Technology Solutions Inc.

Brandon Carroll is president and CEO of Global Config Technology Solutions.Read More

Free Range Routing ready to take root as viable option

By Brandon Carroll 07 Aug 2017

The Linux Foundation, Cumulus and others ramp up their support for Free Range Routing, as open source routing gains traction. Read More

Cisco ASA and BGP peering problems: Command line tips

11 Jan 2011

If you run into BGP peering problems because of a Cisco ASA or PIX firewallin the middle, there are a few simple command line fixes that will quickly solve the problem. Fast Packet blogger Brandon Carroll explains. Read More

Cisco ASA firewall advice: Using ASA 8.4 for stateful failover in DRP

13 Apr 2011

In his series offering Cisco ASA firewall advice, Fast Packet blogger Brandon Carroll explains the new Cisco ASA 8.4 feature, Stateful Failover with Dynamic Routing Protocols. Read More

Cisco recertification program gets flexible, but cost is high

By Antone Gonsalves 08 Jun 2017

The latest Cisco recertification program adds continuing education as an option to keeping the CCIE and CCDE current. But the cost of courses will make the offering expensive. Read More

Cisco DNA Center faces challenges with customer adoption

By Antone Gonsalves 30 Jun 2017

Cisco has the pieces for building a software-based network management center for the enterprise WAN. But reaching that goal will require integration work and customer hand-holding. Read More

Stop everywhere Wi-Fi hotspots and guest wireless networks!

01 Dec 2010

The rapid rise of enterprise guest wireless networks and public Wi-Fi hotspots are only leading to anti-social behavior and a host of WLAN security problems that include identity snooping using Firesheep. Opening ... Read More

New data center network management concerns arise: Are you prepared?

04 Jan 2011

In a world where data centers are denser and heavily virtualized, network management can take on a life of its own. Are you prepared? Read More

Home network labs can buff up a network engineer resume

By Shamus McGillicuddy 30 Sep 2010

Network labs in the home or in the office are essential to building your networking skills. If you want a strong network engineer resume, you need access to a network lab full of routers and switches. Read More

vCloud and VEPA both fail in virtualization networking

By Ivan Pepelnjak 22 Dec 2010

vCloud and VEPA both fail to address the problem with networking for virtualization. The goal of network-aware virtualization is to enable a flat Layer 2 network and networking functions within the virtualized ... Read More