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Breaking Barriers with the Hybrid Cloud

sponsored by Alibaba Cloud Published: 14 Dec 2017 White Paper

This whitepaper assesses the market need for hybrid clouds, analyzing the advantages and shortcomings of both public and private clouds. It also delves into the benefits of hybrid cloud and the important ...

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Best practices for hybrid cloud management

sponsored by SearchCloudComputing.com Published: 15 Jan 2015 eGuide

This e-guide will provide you with a roadmap to help you piece together the hybrid cloud management puzzle. Learn about the keys to a solid hybrid cloud management strategy, how to avoid hybrid cloud security ...

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Hybrid Cloud Migration Starter Pack

sponsored by Concerto Cloud Services Published: 20 Feb 2018 eGuide

Read this e-Guide to learn the most common cloud migration mistakes some of your peers have made and how to avoid them, including why you need to complete a service-level agreement (SLA), how to vet potential cloud...

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Building a Hybrid Cloud: Your Guide with Bluemix

sponsored by EOH IBM Published: 17 Feb 2017 White Paper

Access this white paper to discover why a hybrid cloud approach is best for the future of integrated IT service delivery. Delve into three deployment models, and discover which best meets your application needs and...

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What the Hybrid Cloud is Not: Urban Myths About the Multi-Cloud World

sponsored by Concerto Cloud Services Published: 01 Feb 2018 White Paper

Many CIOs are wary of migrating apps and data due to lingering myths from cloud's early days. This paper busts the top five myths surrounding hybrid cloud, exposing what cloud is really capable of, and why now is ...

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Proper Hybrid Cloud Deployment Means Not Repeating Old Mistakes

sponsored by SearchCloudComputing.com Published: 28 Apr 2017 eBook

Before making the jump into hybrid cloud, ask the right questions about the organization, applications and cloud vendors to ensure a clean transition. This handbook takes a look at the experiences of past adopters ...

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The Enterprise Journey to the Hybrid Cloud

sponsored by Cavirin Published: 09 May 2018 Resource

Explore the steps required to build a world-class hybrid cloud infrastructure and why you must take into account the risks of having all these systems and applications accessing and manipulating data.

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The Transformative Impact of The Hybrid Cloud

sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Published: 07 Mar 2017 Research Content

Now that cloud systems have reached their maturity it's time to choose whether you want to manage a private cloud or pay for a public cloud right? The truth is that a mix of both is the optimal solution. In this ...

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Hybrid Cloud, MultiCloud or Hybrid Multicloud?

sponsored by bChannels Published: 17 Apr 2018 White Paper

For a long time, hybrid cloud provided safety, while multicloud strategies offered high availability. But what if you could combine the best of both? In this white paper, learn more about a hybrid multicloud ...

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy Guide

sponsored by Lenovo and Intel Published: 08 Nov 2017 White Paper

You'll learn the benefits hybrid cloud may bring to your organization, including several compact sections detailing effective use cases, 5 steps to kick-start your hybrid cloud journey, cloud selection framework, ...

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