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Designing and Building a Hybrid Cloud

sponsored by Nutanix Published: 17 Apr 2018 White Paper

Hybrid cloud has become the de-facto method for modernizing IT, but its significant complexity can grind many hybrid cloud strategies to a halt. In this 51-page guide, learn about a three-step approach to building ...

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Build a Consistent Hybrid Cloud Experience

sponsored by HPE VMware Intel Published: 12 Dec 2018 White Paper

Inside, learn how HPE Synergy's composable infrastructure and the software-defined VMware Cloud Foundation can run hand-in-hand to fast track data center transformation goals.

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Challenge Winners Explore Possibilities for Building Hybrid Cloud Applications

sponsored by Google Cloud Cisco Published: 18 Dec 2018 White Paper

Read this post to learn more about the top two winners and two runners-up for the Cisco & Google Cloud Challenge of building the best hybrid cloud application using Cisco & Google Cloud.

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Building a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Architecture

sponsored by Cintra Published: 19 Oct 2018 Video

In this quick video, hear from leading cloud experts as they weigh-in with their thoughts on topics including how data center priorities are shifting, industry use cases for multi-cloud strategies, and more.

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Hybrid cloud: Building bridges between the cloud and enterprise datacentres

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 12 Nov 2018 eGuide

In this e-guide, we take a closer look at how the major cloud providers are making it possible for their users to shift their datacentre-based applications and workloads to the cloud, as enterprise demand for ...

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Focus: Hybrid cloud

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 23 Jan 2017 eGuide

In this guide, we take a closer look at the reasons why so many enterprises are heading down the hybrid cloud route, while shining a light on the technical work that needs to go into making sure their journey there...

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The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Cloud

sponsored by Logicalis Published: 30 Nov 2018 White Paper

From the perspective of an IT executive, read about the challenges your organization can expect to encounter when jumping into hybrid cloud, from technological to cultural, and get tips on how to tackle them.

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Breaking Barriers with the Hybrid Cloud

sponsored by Alibaba Cloud Published: 14 Dec 2017 White Paper

This whitepaper assesses the market need for hybrid clouds, analyzing the advantages and shortcomings of both public and private clouds. It also delves into the benefits of hybrid cloud and the important ...

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The Enterprise Guide to Hybrid Cloud

sponsored by CloudHealth Technologies Published: 04 Oct 2018 White Paper

Download this guide for tips on how to avoid the challenges, capitalize on the advantages, and create the most successful hybrid cloud strategy for your organization.

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Executive Viewpoint on Hybrid Cloud Storage

sponsored by Logicalis Published: 29 Nov 2018 Resource

In this resource, Jennifer Welch, hybrid IT chief technologist at HPE, answers 6 pressing questions on how to best manage and maintain hybrid cloud storage. Read on for the answer to, "Are there any limitations or ...

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