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Select the Right Cloud Integration Tool For Your Business

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 01 Jul 2012 eGuide

As the adoption rate of cloud computing services and applications continues to rise, organizations are realizing that cloud migration is not a do-it-yourself type project. Access this expert e-guide to find out how...

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How to Effectively Integrate Business and Technology with Data Modeling and Enterprise Architecture After a Merger or Acquisition

sponsored by ERwin Published: 08 Jan 2018 White Paper

Making any merger successful must include a plan on how you can effectively integrate all applications with your underlying enterprise architecture. Read this white paper to learn some of the major obstacles that ...

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The Architecture of a Container Intelligence Platform

sponsored by Sysdig Published: 29 Nov 2017 White Paper

Containers are changing the way we run software, and you need a unified approach for monitoring, security, and forensics in containerized & microservice environments. Read this white paper to learn how an ...

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Building a SOA Center of Excellence for Application Integration

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 27 Dec 2013 eGuide

Access the following expert e-guide to uncover why you need to consider shifting your efforts to building a powerful application integration center. Discover the benefits to be gained with a successful SOA approach...

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Creating a SOA Integration Strategy

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 07 Jun 2013 eGuide

This expert e-guide explores the benefits of middleware integration and why they've become so popular for today's IT environments. Also, get an in-depth look at three real-life SOA integration projects and how they...

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SDN Integration: Centralized vs. Decentralized SDN Architecture

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 17 May 2013 eGuide

This e-guide from SearchSDN.com outlines the differences between distributed and centralized SDN architecture models to help you decide which would be best to deploy in your organization.

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Triangulate your Storage Architecture with Intelligent Caching

sponsored by StorMagic Published: 08 May 2017 Webcast

This webcast explores what it takes to reduce storage costs without compromising capacity or performance, by triangulating your storage architecture.

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Reducing Challenges with Integration Testing

sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics Published: 26 Sep 2013 eGuide

Is there a need to change traditional testing approaches? What is DevOps? Who's using it? There are a couple of questions that will be addressed in this expert e-guide, as well as tips and pointers around reducing ...

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Trends in business intelligence

sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com Published: 18 Jan 2011 IT Briefing

Several important technology changes, social trends and customer needs are driving the future development steps and functionality of Business Intelligence solutions, this report from Birchman reveals.

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The Modern Approach to Business Intelligence

sponsored by Tableau Software Published: 10 Aug 2017 White Paper

Whether you're working with data in spreadsheets, warehouses, or across disparate data sets, this white paper explores how to improve analytics and access to real-time insights. Uncover the 7 key attributes that ...

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