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The Modern Approach to Business Intelligence

sponsored by Tableau Software Published: 10 Aug 2017 White Paper

Whether you're working with data in spreadsheets, warehouses, or across disparate data sets, this white paper explores how to improve analytics and access to real-time insights. Uncover the 7 key attributes that ...

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Business Intelligence Software: Which one is the best?

sponsored by IT Central Station Published: 08 Dec 2014 Essential Guide

Which BI software is the best for you and your organization? Verified IT experts openly discuss their experiences, likes and dislikes, as well as their overall opinion of today's most popular products in this guide...

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Top Business Intelligence Trends for 2018

sponsored by Tableau Software Published: 18 Jan 2018 Video

In this video, hear why machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can be assistive rather than destructive. Even with machine learning and AI, you'll still need humans to interpret the data.

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Why Enterprise Resource Planning Software is Your Best Business Intelligence Tool

sponsored by IFS Published: 31 Dec 2014 White Paper

How can you harness big data correctly to yield valuable information and give your organization a competitive edge? In this valuable white paper, learn why ERP software is your best business intelligence tool for ...

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2018 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends

sponsored by Tableau Software Published: 30 Nov 2017 Resource

Business intelligence platforms are constantly evolving, so whether you're rockstar or an IT hero, you need to know these top 10 business intelligence trends for 2018.

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Business Management Software ROI Improvement Guide

sponsored by Sage Software Published: 28 Nov 2016 White Paper

Aligning technology with your business goals is one of the smartest ways to optimize any software investment (especially when it comes to the cloud). Access this ROI improvement guide to learn how to maximize your ...

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Advanced Open BASIC Automates the Migration of VAX BASIC Apps

sponsored by Advanced Business Software & Solutions Published: 16 Feb 2018 Resource

Learn about the Open BASIC platform, a re-targetable compiler that reads VAX BASIC and generates portable C source code.

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Balfour Beatty Successfully Undertakes an OpenVMS App Migration

sponsored by Advanced Business Software & Solutions Published: 15 Feb 2018 Case Study

This case study explores how Balfour Beatty simplified an incredibly complex app migration project. Learn about the OpenVMS migration toolset they used to automate the majority of the ALGOL and Fortran code ...

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Reimagining Legacy Applications to Embrace Digital Transformation

sponsored by Advanced Business Software & Solutions Published: 25 Jan 2018 White Paper

Discover a variety of tips on how to approach app modernization so that you can reimagine the critical legacy apps at the core your business for digital-first initiatives.

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Application Migration Tools-Based Approach and Proven Expertise

sponsored by Advanced Business Software & Solutions Published: 26 Jan 2018 Resource

Learn about an automated app migration platform that will help you move your business-critical apps from legacy hardware to an open systems platform easily and efficiently without driving up costs or complexity ...

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