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UCS spurs shared virtualized data center vision for VMware, Cisco

27 May 2009

When it released its Unified Computing System, Cisco made waves with HP and IBM. But in a VMware vSphere architecture, UCS could pave the way for a 100% virtualized data center. Read More

New vendors, trends crash Enterprise Connect 2018 party

By Luke O'Neill 07 Mar 2018

Slack and Facebook are making their first appearances at the unified communications conference. Plus, contact center technologies could take center stage at the show. Read More

Is the Google Hangouts app becoming a pure enterprise play?

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 03 Jun 2016

Skype for Business? How about Hangouts for Business? Google has unbundled consumer-centric communication apps from Hangouts, leaving it to focus squarely on enterprises. Read More

Open-office plans prompt noise-mitigation technology

By Luke O'Neill 09 Apr 2018

From noise-cancellation headsets to officewide acoustic management systems, organizations are looking to quell noisy chatter associated with open-office environments. Read More

Cisco and CoreOS Kubernetes integrations swell IT buyer choices

By Beth Pariseau 04 May 2018

Cisco and CoreOS added to a growing number of Kubernetes integration options, prompting enterprise IT buyers to consider whether they should rely on one vendor or take on heavy lifting themselves. Read More

Leading SD-WAN providers offer varying capabilities

By Lee Doyle 18 Jul 2018

By examining how leading SD-WAN providers address technology, market reach, partnerships and long-term viability, you can select an SD-WAN product to fit your organization's needs. Read More

Cisco IOS SSL VPN offers security through internet routers

By Karen Scarfone 13 Mar 2017

Expert Karen Scarfone outlines the features of the Cisco IOS SSL VPN and explains how it secures enterprise communications. Read More

Cisco Intersight to take data center networking to the cloud

By Antone Gonsalves 22 Sep 2017

Networking will eventually become a critical component of Cisco Intersight, a new cloud-based data center management system focused on the computing layer today. Read More

Cisco's hopes its Extend Memory technology will boost UCS

By Bridget Botelho 10 Jun 2009

Cisco Systems' Extend Memory technology is designed to boost memory capacity at lower cost and entice customers to its Unified Computing System (UCS). Read More

The UC experience can unite or divide end users and IT

By Luke O'Neill 30 Nov 2017

This year, unified communications vendors heavily pursued the so-called experience of collaboration sessions. But IT and end-user experiences can differ greatly. Read More