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Modernizing Protection of VMware Workloads

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 18 Nov 2019 White Paper

Download this brief to examine the challenges that IT and lines-of-business are facing when it comes to VMware data protection – and learn about new approaches to data production and backup to maximize your data’s ...

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Effective Data Capital Creation Requires Scalable, Flexible Data Storage and Protection Infrastructure

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 08 Nov 2019 White Paper

Efforts to drive new data capital growth requires proper conditions in data protection and storage infrastructures. Download this report to understand the key drivers of successful data capital development projects.

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Harness the Value of Your Data Capital to Drive Business Success

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 08 Nov 2019 Research Content

To test if digital capital has become a prerequisite for modern business success, as experts are speculating, Forrester conducted a global survey of 516 IT decision-makers and asked them about their perspectives on...

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Get the Most out of Your Storage with the Dell EMC Unity XT 880F All-Flash Array

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 31 Oct 2019 White Paper

Dell EMC Unity XT processed up to 93% more IOPs, reduced 129% more data, and provisioned bulk storage in 94% less time compared to the array of a competitor. Download this comparison sheet which walks through the ...

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Protecting Data Capital in your Organization

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 30 Oct 2019 eBook

With high volumes of business-critical data comes the necessity for innovative and modernized data protection strategies—read this white paper to learn how to keep your most valuable digital assets well protected ...

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Data Protection in a Multi-Cloud World

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 26 Jul 2019 White Paper

Download our custom white paper to learn how to address the unique multi-cloud data protection challenges and to ensure that all of your company's workloads—whether on-premises or in the cloud—are properly ...

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Why Data Center Modernization is Critical to Business Success

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 31 May 2019 White Paper

Inside this report, explore the findings of this Forrester survey to find out what infrastructure technologies midmarket IT decision makers are using to drive their modernization strategies forward – and where each...

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Cloud DR Simplifies Hybrid IT Data Recovery

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 24 May 2019 White Paper

Recognizing the complexities associated with heterogeneous hybrid environments, this custom, TechTarget-produced white paper explains how cloud disaster recovery (DR) offers a cohesive data protection and recovery ...

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Simplify And Automate Data Protection For VMware

sponsored by Dell EMC Published: 11 Apr 2019 White Paper

The increasing reliance on virtual machines is bringing challenges for data protection, as businesses find themselves utilizing public and private clouds while at the same time moving toward their own ...

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