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Mobile data protection best practices

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 28 Nov 2011 eGuide

Check out this E-Guide for the top 5 mobile data protection best practices to ensure your corporation's protection.

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The Ultimate Guide to Data Encryption in the Cloud

sponsored by Rubrik Published: 21 Aug 2018 eBook

In this guide, you'll learn the basics of encryption, the prerequisites of data confidentiality, key management, and data encryption in the top tier public clouds. Discover how this can enhance your intelligent ...

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Challenges With Data Protection in the Cloud

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 12 Jun 2013 Analyst Brief

This expert e-guide from SearchSecurity.com will help you discover the ways you can ensure better protection for your cloud-hosted data. Inside, you'll find out the major challenges involved with cloud security, as...

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On-Demand Data Storage in the Cloud

sponsored by ClearSky Data Published: 28 Aug 2018 Video

The following discussion with CTO & Co-founder of ClearSky Data Laz Vekiarides will address the challenges and advantages associated with storing on-premises data in the cloud. The conversation also covers the ...

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Best Practices for Improving Mobile Data Security

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 15 Jul 2013 eGuide

This expert guide from SearchConsumerization.com takes an in-depth look at mobile data security best practices, including creating a robust PIN or passcode, implementing anti-malware, understanding the top mobile ...

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Best practices for planning for data integration process

sponsored by IBM Published: 13 Jan 2012 eGuide

Integrating data and planning a data integration process can be difficult for any organization. In this brief yet informative e-guide, readers will learn standard methods and best practices, such as implementing a ...

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Data Discovery Governance: 7 Best Practices

sponsored by Yellowfin Published: 14 Apr 2017 White Paper

Typically, traditional BI environments have been all about IT, and slow to product the types of reporting business users need. To get around this, self-service data discovery was born. But what about data security ...

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Data Protection Strategies in the Era of Flash Storage

sponsored by Rubrik Published: 11 Oct 2016 White Paper

This white paper looks at some of the operating realities of data protection in an era of flash storage. Uncover some helpful ideas on how IT organizations can evolve their data protection strategies to align with ...

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12 Best Practices for Modern Data Consumption

sponsored by StreamSets Published: 31 Dec 2017 White Paper

In this white paper, discover 12 tips to help you manage the performance of data movement as a system and maximize value from your enterprise data.

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Best practices for tidy data using Tableau Prep

sponsored by Tableau Software Published: 15 Nov 2018 White Paper

The speed and efficiency of your data prep process impacts the time it takes to discover insights. Read on to learn some best practices for data prep using Tableau Prep.

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